Linear guide


The basis of any automation solution – item offers five different linear guides for precise and rapid motion. Their modular design means users can configure customised linear units that are tailored precisely to their requirements in terms of payload, speed, repeatability and maximum travel distance.



Roller guides – variable and modular

The modular roller guides from item are the universal solution for linear units.



  • Biggest selection of Bearing Units
  • Can be adapted to a whole range of tasks (using customised slides)
  • Guide: Shaft on profile groove
  • Load-carrying capacity (max.): 7600 N
  • Maximum travel distance: Unlimited

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Linear guide unit – for maximum load-carrying capacity

When linear slides with high rigidity and low space requirements are needed, the linear guide unit from item is the perfect choice.



  • Compact design with excellent rigidity
  • Easy to construct thanks to completed slide
  • Guide: Shaft on profile groove
  • Load-carrying capacity: 2300 N

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Ball-bearing guide bush – complete and easy to use

The item Ball-Bearing Guide Bush Sets make it extremely easy for users to build linear units with stroke lengths up to 2000 mm.

  • Ideal for lifting and sliding doors
  • Simple and flexible design
  • Ideal for moving low loads
  • Easy-running Bearing Units in a range of load-carrying classes.
  • Guide: Shaft on profile groove
  • Stroke length: Unlimited
  • Load-carrying capacity (max.): 1500 N

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Linear guide system – robust and innovative

Making light work of moving heavy loads is a speciality of the linear guide systems from item

  • High load-carrying capacity for heavy loads
  • Torsion resistant thanks to rails on the profile groove
  • Guide: Shaft on profile groove
  • Stroke length: 1800 mm
  • Load-carrying capacity (max.): 2500 N

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C-Rail system – compact and easy to operate

  • Ideal for lifting and sliding doors
  • Easy-running Bearing Units in a range of load-carrying classes.
  • Guide: Shaft on profile groove
  • Load-carrying capacity (max.): 1500 N
  • Stroke length: Unlimited

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Drive elements

Getting Linear Units moving –-the new item drive elements use a friction-based connection to transmit torque to the Linear Unit free from play.



Timing-belt drive – fast and reliable

Timing-belt drives from item are universal, quiet-running drives that are ideal for all types of automation solutions. The tried-and-tested principle of the timing belt is particularly suited for use with linear units that operate at high speed and have long stroke lengths.

  • The reliable high-speed solution
  • Ideal for long stroke lengths
  • Speed (max.): 10 m/s, repeatability: +/- 0.1 mm, maximum recommended stroke length 5820 mm
  • Applied load (max.): 2100 N

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Rack drive – compact and powerful

When exceptional rigidity, durability, long stroke length and minimum maintenance are required, the rack drive is an excellent choice for linear units – even with vertical movements. The robust rack provides a secure hold.


  • Ideal for vertical movements
  • Extremely rigid and precise
  • Speed (max.): 3 m/s, repeatability: +/- 0.1 mm, stroke length (max.): 5700 mm, applied load (max.): 1000 N

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Ball Screw Unit – the drive for ultimate precision and drive force

The Ball Screw Unit is the best solution for linear units that need to provide maximum precision. The Ball Screw Unit KGT from item combines precision in movement with outstanding rigidity and reliability. The pitch of the spindle can be 5 or 20 mm, as appropriate to the relevant requirements.


  • Maximum precision
  • Low wear and outstanding rigidity
  • Speed (max.): 1 m/s, repeatability: +/- 0.05 mm, stroke length: 2687 mm, applied load (max.): 2000 N

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Chain drive – robust and reliable

The chain drive is the most resilient solution for Linear Units. Its robust steel chain works well even in difficult environments and ensures drive force is reliably transmitted – including when under high mechanical stresses.


  • Robust for contaminated environments
  • Excellent power transmission for the long term
  • Speed (max.): 2 m/s, repeatability: +/- 0.5 mm, stroke length (max.): 5760 mm, applied load (max.): 620 N

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Accessories from item are fully compatible add-on elements for item Linear Units. We use them to adapt the functionality of your Linear Unit precisely to your application.



Pin Spanners

  • For adjusting the eccentrics on roller guides and C-Rail Guides

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Proximity Switches

  • Inductive proximity switch
  • Installed in a Line 8 groove
  • Installed on Timing Belts
  • Reverse Unit

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