Die neue Lineareinheit mit Kugelgewindetrieb von item

Kompakt, dynamisch und äußerst präzise – die neue Lineareinheit mit Kugelgewindetrieb KGT 6 60 ergänzt das Portfolio von item im Bereich Prozessautomatisierung. Sie ist als Einzelachse und auch für Mehrachs-Handlings einsetzbar....

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Car manufacturer TPCA optimises production processes with Karakuri

Cost-efficient and intelligent – Karakuri, a central aspect of the lean philosophy, uses mechanical energy to create simple automation solutions. Among the many companies making the most of low-cost automation is Toyota Peugeot...

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Get the perfect engineering solution in just a few clicks

Digitalisation is making steady strides in mechanical engineering. With the help of online tools, engineers are able to configure factory equipment in great detail. However, if they are to cope with the stringent demands and...

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item founds subsidiary in France

item Industrietechnik GmbH is the pioneer in building kit systems for industrial applications and a partner of the manufacturing industry across the entire globe. Since the beginning of July, it has been operating a subsidiary in...

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Speeding up planning and optimising material supply

With an ever-growing diversity of products and variants leading to frequent bottlenecks on the material area, material supply is playing an increasingly important role in assembly and manufacturing operations. Using the right...

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Using item components for innovative BioFluidix dispensing systems

Maximum precision and functionality – the requirements placed on dispensing systems in the miniaturised liquid handling sector are high. BioFluidix GmbH specialises in developing and manufacturing automated liquid handling devices...

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