Using the item Engineeringtool to design customised tugger trains

Efficient supplies of materials at the perfect tempo – tugger trains are used in many areas of logistics and production. The Engineeringtool from item now offers the option of digitally designing customised tugger trains and thus...

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item is a member of the ADAMOS initiative

By mechanical engineers, for mechanical engineers – ADAMOS promotes knowledge sharing among global market leaders in mechanical and factory equipment engineering. The strategic alliance focuses on the future trends of Industry 4.0...

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With item and the power of the sun through Australia

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge across the outback is the toughest race for solar cars. After winning the title of best newcomer in 2017, the Sonnenwagen Aachen student team once again competed against top-class international...

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The item Engineeringtool is ingenious

I for innovative, i for ingenious and i for item: item Industrietechnik GmbH is leading the way in digital engineering and has been presented with the “RHEINLAND GENIAL” (Ingenious Rhineland) innovation award. The pioneer of...

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Ergonomically optimised industrial work benches – the complete picture has to be right

Ergonomically optimised workstations may be standard in offices already, but they are still making their way into production areas. The new study from item Industrietechnik GmbH showed that the majority of respondents in manual...

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More effective filtering – virus-free air thanks to item CleanAirMobile

Clean indoor air is essential for maintaining long-term health, particularly in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Opening windows wide for brief periods to replace virus-filled air with clean air is one option. However, this measure...

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