Audi relies on item's Building Kit Systems for flexible transport trolleys

The premium automotive manufacturer AUDI offers its customers numerous options for the individual configuration of their cars. In order to efficiently and safely organise the transport of a wide variety of components required for...

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Is the digital revolution stalling in German companies?

Increasing digitalisation in mechanical engineering brings with it great opportunities, but also poses major challenges for companies. To remain competitive in the future, they have to continuously boost their productivity and be...

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Robotics and linear technology – a perfect combination

In industry, pneumatic drives have largely been replaced by their electric equivalents. Due to the considerable energy and maintenance costs involved, as well as the drawbacks in terms of reliability and noise, pneumatic systems now...

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On a mission to Mars – shooting films with item components

Compatible, flexible and extendible – the film industry is the latest sector to discover just how many different ways item components can be used. The star-studded sci-fi thriller “Stowaway” was released in German cinemas on 24...

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item Line X used for frame structure of SR-NOCS swab robot

For even safer and more reliable PCR tests, Munich-based Franka Emika GmbH has developed the world’s first robotic coronavirus test station, which takes nasal and throat swabs autonomously as part of rapid COVID testing. Line X from...

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How an intelligent strategy and dynamic supply chains safeguard availability

Demand for raw materials has risen sharply across the globe. This applies as much to aluminium as it does to steel, wood and plastics. How can companies operating under this kind of pressure make sure they uphold their supply...

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