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The spring new products from item!


item Industrietechnik GmbH is presenting new products from a range of product groups this year. Taking centre stage are Installation Column 8 160x160 – a stable, central point for supply lines of all types –, the new smooth-running Roller Conveyor 6 40x40 D30 from the Lean Production Building Kit System and the star of the show Pivot Arm 8 80-370, which has won the red dot design award.

An overview of the new products

A systematic supply point – the item Installation Column

The item Installation Column is the perfect solution for fitting out production areas with connection points for power, compressed air and network access. The stable column incorporates two large cable conduits. Sockets, switches and jacks can be simply clipped into the column openings. Once cables have been laid and connection points installed, the open conduits are sealed with a smooth aluminium profile.

Two Line 8 grooves on each of the four sides offer ideal attachment points for light fittings, Pivot Arms and other accessories. Thus, the Installation Column enhances productivity in a whole variety of ways. The column also includes two aluminium ducts designed to convey compressed air. The Pneumatic Connecting Set allows users to locate connections for compressed-air tools at any height on the column. Partition Profiles can also be used to subdivide each cable conduit into two separate sections, which ensures that high and low voltage lines can be kept safely apart.

Make your work even more productive with the new item Pivot Arm!

The item Pivot Arms are exceptionally accommodating. They position tools, Euro-format containers, item Parts Containers, simple semi-open fronted boxes and other materials precisely where they are needed. Three pre-configured models are available, each in both a single and double pivot arm variant, to make work benches more productive and reduce the strain on employees. item offers pre-configured solutions for three applications – the angle-adjustable Tray Pivot Arm for boxes and workpieces, the Container Pivot Arm for Parts Containers and the Tool Pivot Arm, which offers a huge range of fastening options.

The advantages of these solutions include a far reach and optimum positionability thanks to up to three joints. All the double pivot arm models offer a load-carrying capacity of up to 250 N, while the Pivot Arms with two joints can carry up to 400 N.

Designed for sensitivity – the new roller conveyors from item

Even safer and smoother! Roller Conveyor 6 40x40 E is now also available with ESD-safe roller elements. Static charges don’t stand a chance anymore! The new Rollers D11 are tightly spaced and therefore convey even sensitive goods gently. Profile deflection and vibrations have been reduced to a minimum.

The core element of Roller Conveyor 6 40x40 E is now also available separately, which means Roller Conveyors can be configured with a whole range of roller elements.

The new Fastening Bracket D30 with Forward Stop H43 provides the perfect end point, as its projecting stop brings crates and transported goods safely to a halt in a perfectly ergonomic removal position at the very end of the rack.

The entire product range can be searched at: www.item24.de/en/products/product-catalogue

DOK KAT PM Neuheiten 2014 I SEN AIN
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