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The item Work Bench System – perfect ergonomics coupled with timeless, functional industrial design


Ergonomics is becoming increasingly important to modern industry – particularly when it comes to boosting efficiency. The Work Bench System from item carries the independent AGR seal and is leading the market in terms of ergonomics and design.

The Work Bench System for manual production shows that item products are not simply designed to look good – they are geared first and foremost to meeting the very highest practical demands. The ultimate goal is always the item value proposition – first-class functionality with the highest aesthetic standards – for work benches that are truly impressive.

Perfect functionality as a basis for more efficient sequences and processes

When it comes to work bench design, user-friendliness and ergonomics offer important cost-efficiency benefits for companies. For example, the concept supports optimised sequences and thus the productivity of the company.

Thanks to a design language characterised by its subtlety, straight lines and numerous awards, the item Work Bench System projects a neat and well-structured look. When several operators are sharing a work bench, they each have scope to arrange their own personal workspace. This principle makes it easier for personnel to fit and use all elements correctly.

Another benefit is the intuitive functionality of item work benches. Because they are easy to work with, sequences quickly develop into an effective routine. Custom modifications can also be made in next to no time. If the size of a product changes or a work bench has to be reconfigured for a new product, changeover times can be reduced to a minimum. This helps to speed processes up and boost the commitment of personnel.

All the work benches can be repeatedly extended, integrated into other solutions and re-used. Thanks to the adaptability of the system, it takes relatively little time and effort to meet new requirements.

Aesthetics that feel good and are good for you

Anodized aluminium doesn’t just lend item work bench solutions a high-end look, it also ensures that the outstanding quality of the products can be felt in every processed surface. And when a working environment literally feels good, employees feel valued and are happier in their work.

All work benches are infinitely height adjustable and can be adapted to suit the user – a key requirement in ergonomic work bench design.

The quality seal of Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V. (the Campaign for Healthy Backs) shows that the item Work Bench System – the first manual production system on the market to earn this accolade – is leading the way in terms of ergonomics. This means it has been proven to help prevent potential health complaints, actively help users suffering from existing complaints and promote the wellbeing of employees in the workplace.

As a result, the item Work Bench System helps to reduce illness rates and thus save significant costs for employers. Given the current demographic changes, this issue is becoming increasingly important.

Further information on our innovative Work Bench System can be found here:


Further information on the AGR seal of approval can be found here: www.agr-ev.de/en.

DOK KAT PM item Work Bench System SEN AIN
205.25 kB download
DOK KAT PM item Work Bench System SEN AIN
154 kB download
the item work bench system with AGR seal 09.12.2014 3672.19 kB download
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