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Putting people at the heart of logistics – item at LogiMAT 2015


From 10 to 12 February 2015, in Hall 3, Stand 3C71 at LogiMAT in Stuttgart, item will be revealing how productivity and ergonomics can be boosted in manual production.

New provisioning and picking solutions for the multi-award-winning item Work Bench System make it much easier to build seamless end-to-end applications. Internal logistics revolve around a company’s personnel – the people whose work ultimately decides whether or not optimised processes deliver the desired benefits.

Ergologistics takes in the entire production process, from in-house material supply to production at the work bench. Achieving the perfect combination of ergonomics and intralogistics helps to eliminate harmful movements and take strain off personnel. The item Work Bench System factors in ergonomics across the board. That is why it is the first and only complete system to carry the AGR seal of approval from Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. (the Campaign for Healthy Backs, www.agr-ev.de/en).

Simple picking, perfect hold

Carefully thought-out transfer points make it easy to move typical industry containers such as semi-open fronted boxes and Euro-format containers from transport trolleys to work benches, so that personnel can complete their picking operations free from any unnecessary stresses and strains. The new, large item Trays 8 A can be supplied with flat edges on the filling side, if required. The Trays act as an inclined storage surface that spans the full width of a workstation and where small load carriers automatically slide into the right position. As a result, several rows of semi-open fronted boxes and containers can be mounted on the Upright of a 1.8 metre bench. This makes them ideal for the staggered storage of fresh supplies.

Optimised sorting solutions

Sorting solutions at the removal side ensure that personnel make efficient use of semi-open fronted boxes and small load carriers. The new item Grab Containers 8 are designed to slot directly into a Tray Stop Profile or profile groove, just in front of semi-open fronted boxes. This makes it exceptionally easy to transfer and pick even the smallest of parts. What’s more, the Grab Containers holding small parts can be easily removed and placed on the working surface whenever required. The continuous Grab Plate Profile 8 can be supplied in a length to match the full width of a Tray. It is ideal for sorting screws and other small parts into adjustable-size compartments.

Sorting nuts, washers, etc., makes it much easier for personnel to lay their hands on precisely the part they need and is more efficient than picking small parts out of a full box. Having fast, easy access to small parts protects personnel from the effects of constrained postures and unnecessary movements.

Low-cost automation based on Plain Bearings

Thanks to the new Plain Bearings, Profile Tube System D30 can now also be used to build creative low-cost automation solutions. Loading and unloading sequences can thus be completed automatically using rotating and pivoting motions. Also referred to as Karakuri, purely mechanical automation relieves the strain on personnel without requiring complex technology. Everything can be built on site using the Lean Production Building Kit System. Plain Bearings require very little installation space and can even be integrated into existing frames.

Build complete trailers

Ergologistics gets goods to work benches with a minimum of effort. When using Profile Tube System D30, factory equipment such as trolleys and carriages can be built with incredible ease according to the lean production philosophy. The stable Fasteners ensure a secure, long-lasting hold and low maintenance requirements. The new item Drawbar connects trailers to allow you to move more products in a train. The self-lifting Drawbar is particularly ergonomic and features a stable spring that constantly pushes the Drawbar up so that users can use their feet – and spare their backs – when coupling and uncoupling carriages with the greatest of ease.

Find out more about the item Work Bench System and the practical Online Product Configurators at: www.item24.de/en/products/building-kit-systems/work-bench-system/overview.html

Information about the Lean Production Building Kit System can be found at: www.item24.de/en/products/building-kit-systems/d301/overview.html

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DOK KAT PM item LogiMAT 2015 SEN AIN
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