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P+K Immersion testing


Attractive price - Immersion testing device for laboratory and trials

For the testing of material samples in the sector of hygiene, the German company P+K Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH developed an immersion testing device which satisfies the strict laboratory hygiene requirements.

The core peace of the device are four heated water basins standing in a stainless steel tub. In each water basin, 6 glass beakers can be placed. The liquids (chemicals) they contain can be heated up to 90°C. In a fifth so-called drying container, the test panels are dried by means of a bottom drying blower.

"To satisfy the high requirements in laboratories and consider economical needs at the same time, the whole machine enclosure was constructed with Line X of the item MB Building Kit System", Peter Kronenberg, director of P+K, explains, "but also other elements from the item MB System were used. Multiblocks for the fastening of the servicing panel in the substructure, as well as item conduits for a clearly laid out wiring. item Grip Rails with rubber joints which ensure a secure sealing of the doors to the testing device and can only be opened by means of the touch screen were also used."

The different test scenarios can be programmed easily and individually on the touch screen of the immersion testing device. Which container is driven in which order, definition of the immersion time, drain time above the Picture 2: Detailed view of the test plates above the individual glass beakers. Page 2 beakers, drying time and much more can be set. If necessary, the test panels can be rotated during the testing process.

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