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New Products 09/2010: Work Bench Systems


item Industrietechnik GmbH is adding a whole range of innovative new products to its portfolio with the launch of a brand new work bench system. The ergonomic and economical features of these products represent the culmination of over 30 years of experience in designing system-based work bench installations. Building on the design opportunities of the MB Building Kit System, this selection of standardised work benches boasts exceptional flexibility.

The new offering from item responds to customer demands for a manual work bench that can be integrated into working groups or a cutting-edge production environment. Frequent model changes, material provision that follows demand (Kanban) and independent organisation of work – all are supported by the new concept. 

Fault-free work requires optimum conditions. That is why economy and ergonomics for the user have been built into every aspect of the work bench system: 

1. Working height can be adjusted to suit the height of individual users: All work benches are height adjustable (some incorporate electrical table columns) and therefore allow users to switch between sitting and standing positions while they work. 

2. Optimised handling area: All parts, tools and accessories can be arranged so that they are within easy reach of the operator. This helps to reduce extreme strain on the musculoskeletal system.

3. Perfect parts provision: To prevent unnecessary movements, everything an operator handles needs to be kept as close as possible. Adjustable Pivot Arms help to ensure that parts are always within easy reach. 

4. Optimum lighting: Lighting that is tailored to suit the work bench improves concentration, prevents fatigue and therefore cuts the risk of errors. 

5. ESD protection for every work bench: The table frames are dissipative by design and, in conjunction with a whole range of accessories, deliver the optimum protection for components. 

The online Product Configurator arbeitstisch.item24.com makes light work of putting together the perfect, customised system configuration. Users simply click their way through the suggested variants to pick out the ideal table frame, optimum working surface and most suitable optional accessories. Having done that, the configuration can be transferred direct to a CAD system, where production plans and customised connecting structures can be designed.

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