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New Products 09/2010: The new Line D30


The new Line D30 from item Industrietechnik GmbH is a system of Profile Tubes that can be integrated into the MB Building Kit System and is fully system-compatible. Tubes with and without grooves open up a whole new range of design opportunities. They combine the freedom of a tube design with the benefits of a profile building kit.

The high-quality products in Line D30 are light and stable. All functional elements are made from aluminium and are therefore 100% recyclable. Functionality and aesthetics are combined and serve to underscore the exceptional quality of the designs. Assembling structures with the new elements is exceptionally easy. The external clamping of the fastening elements evens out tolerances. The connection technology is intuitive and the only tools that are required are a saw (for cutting the profiles to size) and a screwdriver. As a result, exceptionally versatile structures, storage and transport systems for goods provision and cutting-edge production processes can all be implemented with minimum outlay on planning.

The name “D30” stands for the basic diameter of the Tube Profiles (30 mm) and therefore reflects the outstanding rigidity of the structures. Three profile variants are available: plain Tube D30, Tube Profile D30 (which is segmented in four directions) and Profile 6 D30 (with four complete Profile 6 grooves). All profile designs can be interconnected quickly and easily with the same fastening technology. The materials used also ensure that structures built with the new system are fully dissipative and ESD-safe.

The Profile 6 grooves of Profile 6 D30 ensure full compatibility with all the fastening elements in Line 6 of the MB Building Kit System. Special fasteners also mean that the system can be used with the “angular” Profile of the triedand- tested Line 8 from item. This combination allows users to connect exceptionally stable substructures (e.g. a chassis) to flexible superstructures made using Line D30. Line D30 uses a small number of basic connections and fastening elements, thereby ensuring that new users can get to grips with the straightforward handling of the system in next to no time. Nevertheless, the combination options ensure users can enjoy unlimited design freedom.

A new tube diameter, unique combination options and ingenious fastening technology reflect more than 30 years of experience in working with building kit systems. Innovative components such as heavy-duty Bracing Strut D30- 90° show that the “tube system” is becoming a key p art of the item portfolio. The new Line D30 from item is an innovative addition to the popular MB Building Kit System. Further information and application examples with videos can be found on the item website at: The New Line D30

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