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New interactive configurator enables users to create 3D models of work benches independently


Interview with Christian Thiel, project manager of item ikonsys, the item configuration system.

item Industrietechnik GmbH, based in Solingen, Germany, is offering a new program to support work bench planners. The new system configurator, ikonsys, also enables users without CAD skills to create high-quality 3D models of work benches. item project manager Christian Thiel outlines the benefits of the new ikonsys software.

Hello Mr. Thiel. item launched the new program on 22 November 2012. What benefits does ikonsys offer?
ikonsys is an interactive 3D configurator for work bench systems that creates 3D models, production drawings and parts lists. The software makes the work of planners easier and more importantly faster, since they can take care of the initial stages independently on their own computer and visualise their ideas. We have found it can speed up their work by six times compared to using a CAD system.

How exactly does ikonsys speed up planning work?
We have designed the program to be very simple and intuitive. Even first-time users can get down to work in next to no time. The navigation system is user-friendly and shows only the main functions that are required during the initial stages of a configuration project. Using rules-based planning, tables, shelves and structures can all be selected and combined in just a few clicks. For example, ikonsys has an integrated collision analysis system that ensures accessories can only be added to the design in suitable locations. It's really straightforward.

What are the main functions in ikonsys?
In the initial stages of work bench planning, the model doesn't usually have to be very detailed. The first job is to get a handle on the structure, components and ergonomic factors. And that is exactly what ikonsys helps users do in just a few clicks. At the end, they get a very clear and useful 3D model of a work bench system that provides the ideal basis for further discussions with personnel and decision-makers.

Who did you develop the program for?
ikonsys is ideal for all production planners, ergonomics consultants, managers and work bench technicians in companies – and for home users and freelancers, too. It's basically for anyone who wants to plan work benches and doesn't want to use a CAD system, either because they don't have the skills or don't need the full range of CAD functions in the initial phase of planning.

Won't the limitations of a simple program like this quickly become apparent in practical use?
No, actually that's not the case. The program can be used to configure more than just individual work benches. It is also ideal for complex planning scenarios such as production islands comprising multiple benches and SystemMobiles for manual work bench interlinking. By registering with item, users can also unlock additional options in ikonsys that can be very interesting and helpful to experienced planners and design engineers.

What additional functions are available in ikonsys?
When you've configured your work bench, you can call up the assembly times, detailed accessory lists, parts lists with price information and the total price. You can also print out production drawings and transfer the data to any CAD system in 2D and 3D format so that you can process it further. You can send the information direct to item and discuss it with an experienced project engineer, too. That helps to speed up the design process for a work bench system considerably.

How can you get ikonsys?
The ikonsys program is available to download free from item24.de. All you need to do then is install it on a Windows PC. Once you've done that, you can get started straight away and create your own 3D configuration projects. We've already received some very positive feedback from visitors to Motek 2012, who tested a beta version at the fair. I am confident that ikonsys will have plenty of fans.

Thanks for talking to us Mr. Thiel.

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