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item. Your ideas are worth it.® New products at MOTEK 2014.


From 6 to 9 October 2014, item Industrietechnik GmbH will be showcasing pioneering innovations at MOTEK, the international trade fair for automation in production and assembly, in Stuttgart, Germany, at Stand 1415 in Hall 1!

Innovative solutions are set to further boost efficiency in plant processes this year. item is exhibiting new products that have been tailored specifically to customer requirements and for use in industrial mechanical and factory equipment engineering, ergonomic work bench systems and lean production.

Saving valuable time in machine automation

The preassembled Linear Units from item save customers valuable time. In fact, they can be put straight to use without any additional work. Naturally, the preassembled Linear Units cover a broad range of customer applications, meaning that any production requirement can be met with no need for compromises. The new Linear Units consist of perfectly coordinated linear slides combined with a range of drive technologies. They deliver reliable and precise power transmission in process automation.

Concentrated productivity in the production process

The Solingen-based company boasts impressive know-how and experience in factory equipment engineering. All these skills have been pooled in the new compact Installation Column, which finally puts all the necessary connections in one central place! The item Installation Column is the perfect solution for fitting out production areas with connection points for power, compressed air and network access. It keeps everything close to hand and clears the way for improved productivity. The stable column incorporates two large cable conduits. Sockets, switches and jacks can be simply clipped into the column openings. Two Line 8 grooves on all four sides offer ideal attachment points for light fittings, a Pivot Arm and other accessories. As a result, the Installation Column can be used to enhance productivity in a whole variety of ways. A Lid Profile seals the conduits and protects all cables from dirt and accidental contact. 

Ergonomic solutions for the item Work Bench System – carrier of the AGR seal of approval

The item Work Bench System is the basis for comprehensive ergonomic design in working environments. It takes a great deal of strain off personnel and helps them keep fit and healthy. However, investing in an employee-friendly working environment also makes sound economic sense. Motivated workers deliver higher productivity and illness rates are reduced. Only recently, the item Work Bench System was awarded the AGR seal of approval by Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V. (the Campaign for Healthy Backs), making it the first and only complete system to carry the seal. During Motek, item will be unveiling important additions to the system.

Perfect intralogistics – C-part management at the assembly work bench

The new C-part management system from item supports an optimised workflow – both at assembly workstations and throughout plants as a whole. The optimised easy-grab system for separating out individual C-parts integrates seamlessly into intralogistics processes.

Thanks to compatibility with industry-standard semi-open fronted boxes, the system can also be used to implement Kanban-based logistics operations. This holistic approach also ensures that boxes are refilled quickly from the supply side.

Both the new storage solution and the new C-parts management system are compatible with the item product range and can also be integrated into existing industry solutions.

Lean production with item – streamlined processes pay off

The Lean Production Building Kit System from item has been extended with important new products that make even more efficient solutions possible. The most important of these new arrivals is small but perfectly formed – the Plain Bearing. This product supports Karakuri, LCA and LCIA applications.

Furthermore, users can now build a complete trailer using only item components, providing the perfect solution for milk-run tugger trains and other intralogistics processes.

A crucial 'link' for these solutions is Drawbar Set D25, which is fully compatible with the item product range and can be used to build complete trailers. The Drawbar Set incorporates an ergonomic feature that allows users to couple and uncouple trailers using their foot.

Finally, Roller Conveyor 6 80x40 makes it easier to transport goods with uneven or soft bottoms, such as cardboard boxes and small load carriers.


You can find out more about the item product range at: http://www.item24.de/en

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