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item aluminium profiles help set a world record


item sponsors the construction of the world's longest ball track using profiles from the MB Building Kit System

On 21 July, the record for the world's longest ball track was set in front of a large audience and an official at the phæno science centre in Wolfsburg, Germany. The man behind the idea is Klaus Peter Beier.

Last year, he created the world's longest ball track and succeeded in getting it into the Guinness Book of Records. But he has now been able to top his own record and set the benchmark in his discipline with a track length of 649.38 metres and a height of over 6 metres.

"Records are my hobby, a great challenge and more importantly they help good causes," explains Beier. He has been competing for world records and using his efforts to raise money for charity since 1989. Beier is donating the funds raised by the ball track record to the German Society for Supporting Children with Rheumatic Diseases and their Families (Bundesverband zur Förderung und Unterstützung rheumatologisch erkrankter Kinder und deren Familien e.V

item supported the construction of the ball track with aluminium profiles from the MB Building Kit System. These aluminium profiles are ideal for design applications in mechanical and factory equipment engineering. The modular components can be used in a virtually unlimited range of combinations, making them ideal for designing a huge ball track. The aluminium profiles were built into a tower with a versatile range of fastening options for attaching the track that would claim the world record.

The ball track will remain in place for the duration of the summer holidays. Visitors to the centre can also use item profiles to try out their own designs.

You can find out more about the designer of the ball track, Klaus Peter Beier, at www.coasterman.de

There are also a number of video reports about the successful world record attempt:



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