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Functional, intelligent design – the XMS integrated machine concept from item


item Industrietechnik GmbH, based in Solingen, Germany, offers an ingenious and unique machine concept in the form of its award-winning Line XMS. The product line is designed for building load-bearing constructions with compartmentalised functional sections.

Cables and hoses can be safely routed through cable conduits while the continuous, unbroken outer surfaces and close-fitting doors create the ideal conditions for clean production.

Customised solutions that offer real benefits

Clean lines on the outside and a whole lot more on the inside – Line XMS, which item launched in 2012, features a clear, multi-award-winning design and offers real benefits for modular series production.

Line XMS is used to build customised production machinery enclosures that are perfectly geared toward the specific area of application. The deformation-free frame structure is exceptionally strong and can be divided up into individual functional sections. Process, service and supply sections are clearly separated.

A unique door concept supports the design of customised doors that ensure the various functional sections can be accessed separately, thus making it far easier to carry out maintenance and service work on machinery, for example.

Perfectly organised cables and lines

Everything in its place – another highlight of Line XMS is the cable conduit integrated into the profile, which allows users to run cables safely and securely through the structure. A special Partition Profile can be used to keep power and control cables apart.

Special Cover Profiles seal the integrated cable conduits of Profiles XMS, ensuring all cables and hoses are out of reach and protected from soiling. The covers do not need to be screwed into place, which ensures easy access for maintenance work.

Everything is sealed tight – Profiles XMS have closed outer surfaces and seals to help keep production clean. Doors close perfectly and also offer effective noise insulation.

Awards won by XMS

Machines with style – all item developments are designed to achieve the ideal combination of form and function. Line XMS also boasts cutting-edge profile design. In 2014, Line XMS brought the German Design Award to Solingen when it was declared the best German product in the product and communication design category. Only the year before, the line had won the international iF product design award 2013.

Another major advantage is that Line XMS is 100-percent compatible with the Item Building Kit System and thus offers the same flexibility for versatile solutions that is typical of item.

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