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Do more for less – with the item new products for autumn 2015


More efficient, faster, more ergonomic: a whole host of innovations from item show how modern mechanical and factory equipment engineering can be made more productive while easing the strain on staff.

World-first: Convenient machine access for wide workpieces

A world-first from item for double doors makes it much easier to get fast access to the inner workings of machinery. The new Double Door Stop Set 8 in Line XMS secures two doors in one easy step. All it requires is one simple action, since the active door automatically locks and releases the passive door. As there is no need for additional hooks or catches, users have a convenient point of access for feeding wide workpieces into machinery.

Without an inconvenient centre post, double doors are just as easy to operate as a single door. What’s more, only one lock is needed to secure both, and the double door can’t be accidentally pulled open. Developed in Solingen, the brand-new mechanism prevents misuse. As is standard for Line XMS, double doors can also be sealed dust-tight using seals that are integrated into the profiles.

Profiles with a 45° angle open up even more options in mechanical engineering

Line XMS from item offers everything needed to construct state-of-the-art machinery in next to no time. The multi-award-winning machine concept ensures that every machine automatically incorporates features and characteristics that normally have to be planned and added separately. And XMS profiles are now available with a 45° angle, too. As a result, users can build eight-sided housings that provide easy access to all the areas on a rotary indexing table, for example. Also new are Profiles XMS with gently rounded outer edges.

More efficiency thanks to low cost automation

item refers to the combination of ergonomics and intralogistics as ergologistic®. When it comes to getting necessary parts and materials to the work bench, mechanical automation takes even more strain off employees. And that is precisely what item Plain Bearings coupled with sophisticated mechanisms make possible. The new Roller D39.5-25 turns on ball bearings and runs over aluminium profiles with minimal friction to provide reliable guidance for components. It is ideal for building Karakuri/LCA/LCIA applications.

More protection for goods and trolleys in intralogistics

The new Protective Profile for the Lean Production Building Kit System prevents scratches on workpieces and dampens impacts better than foam tubes. Protective Profile D30 R28-90° envelops the flank of a Profile Tube to provide permanently flexible impact protection, while leaving all other flanks and areas freely accessible.

To ensure optimum protection, this item innovation uses a special chamber that deforms to absorb an impact. Unlike with foam, point loads do not result in permanent indentations. The Protective Profile is therefore ideal for use under workpieces that are particularly prone to scratching, so they can be transported without being damaged.

Also new is the ESD Drag Chain, which guarantees that transport solutions can safely dissipate electrostatic charges, even in dusty working environments.

A better overview and more speed at manual work benches

The item Work Bench System is the basis for efficient and ergonomic solutions in manual production. In fact, it is the first and only complete system to be awarded the AGR seal of approval by Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V. (the Campaign for Healthy Backs) due to its end-to-end ergonomics. Coloured Grab Containers help operators to distinguish between similar parts at a glance, and have also been optimised to make it much easier to separate out small parts such as screws and washers. The new item metal Packaging Tape Dispenser supports rapid and safe packaging operations.

To prevent injuries, the integrated cutting blade is only released when the transparent guard is depressed. The ergonomic soft-touch grip also prevents pressure points on the hands.

You can experience the item new products live at the following trade fairs in autumn 2015:

Motek, Stuttgart, Germany (5 – 8 October), Hall 5, Booth 5115
- SEPEM industries, Angers, France (6 – 8 October), Grand Palais, Booth B20/C19
- A+A, Düsseldorf, Germany (27 – 30 October), Hall 10, Booth 10D27
- FMB, Bad Salzuflen, Germany (4 – 6 November), Hall 20, Booth B12
- Productronica, Munich, Germany (10 – 13 November), Hall 3A, Booth 218
- Medica, Düsseldorf, Germany (16 – 19 November), Hall 3, Booth C80

DOK KAT PM item Neuheiten Herbst 2015 SEN AIN
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DOK KAT PM item Neuheiten Herbst 2015 SEN AIN
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