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Collaboration with the CETPM – item Profile Tube System D30 offers the optimum resources for teaching lean production.


The collaboration between item Industrietechnik GmbH and the Center of Excellence for TPM (CETPM) at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences has got off to a great start. By providing its Profile Tube System D30, item is helping the CETPM to train specialists and executives in lean production.

item supports the Lean Production Master course

The CETPM (Centre of Excellence for TPM) at Ansbach University of Applied Sciences is using the Profile Tube System D30 from item Industrietechnik GmbH in its Herrieden teaching factory.

Employees from a whole range of companies and organisations come to the teaching factory to learn how they can independently drive forward process optimisation in their business. Participants in the Lean Production Master course complete a number of practical exercises, during which they use the profile tube building kit system to create versatile production units and flow systems. These elements are then combined to form U-shaped cells in line with the lean philosophy.

Thanks to the innovative profile tube system, the CETPM has been able to cut the duration of the course from three days to two. This time saving has been achieved because the item aluminium profile tubes are not only more stable but can also be reconfigured faster and easier than steel tube alternatives.

What’s more, the item Profile Tube System D30 offers the outstanding advantage that structures built with it can be used under realistic conditions and loads. This particular benefit is also highlighted by seminar participants and staff at the CETPM and teaching factory.

Win-win situation for both parties

item sees its collaboration with the CETPM as a win-win situation. While the ability to deliver a successful course in less time benefits the teaching factory, the university environment and the hands-on course participants help the Solingen-based company to discover new ideas and ensure products are even more closely tailored to actual requirements. item employees also take part in the seminars by providing an introduction to Profile Tube System D30 and offering practical tips.

After such a promising start, item is planning to expand its collaboration with the CETPM, and the institute will continue to receive new product developments from item.

The research, teaching and further training activities of the CETPM are focused primarily on the areas of total productive maintenance (TPM), lean philosophy and operational excellence. The CETPM Institute includes the Herrieden teaching factory, which operates as a model production plant and links together theory and practice to support effective knowledge transfer.

Further information about the CETPM: www.cetpm.de


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