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Because all transported goods are different – custom-configurable Roller Conveyors from item


Roller conveyors are an ideal solution for getting crates and goods from A to B quickly within a company, and as part of picking solutions. The new Roller Tracks and Roller Elements from item are perfect for creating tailor-made applications.

Reliable and robust: Thanks to its especially rigid aluminium profile, the item Roller Conveyor 6 boasts impressive load-carrying capacity over long distances. It is normally supplied pre-configured: Simply unpack it, screw it in place and the Roller Conveyor is ready for use. It is an extremely efficient approach.

However, some applications call for a custom solution comprising numerous types of roller elements. Now, that too is possible, as all the component parts of Roller Conveyor 6 from item are available separately. Using the Castor Rail, Roller Tracks and compatible Roller Elements, customers can easily develop their own tailor-made solution.

Roller Elements can be combined freely

item Roller Tracks provide the fixings for Roller Elements, and are simply inserted into the end face of a Castor Rail – no screw connections required. The following four Roller Elements are available:

Rollers D11: Thanks to their tight spacing, these roller elements create smooth-running conveyor lines

Castors D30 (also available with flanged wheel for lateral guidance): These roller elements easily convey small load carriers, even when they are heavily loaded.

Castors D30/2: These roller elements offer a smoother ride because they are staggered.

Each Roller Element is simply inserted into place, with no tools required, and can be replaced at any time just as easily. This maintenance-friendly design also reduces operating costs. The short Roller Tracks for each type of Roller Elements can be combined in any sequence, thus producing conveyor lines that combine a range of roller elements in a single profile.

A secure hold at the end of the line

Once the Roller Conveyor has been fully configured, both ends need to be covered over. The corresponding item Caps protect operators from scratches and are also available with an integrated stop that includes a slot for attaching an Impact Buffer.

Keeping everything on the straight and narrow – the integrated Guide Rail

To make sure workpieces stay on track, sturdy item aluminium Guide Rails can also be added. These are easily installed using a special groove and further boost the rigidity of the conveyor line. Additional Slide Strips stop sensitive goods from being scratched. The custom configurable Castor Rails are available in two sizes – 40x40 for standard applications and 80x40 for improved load-carrying capacity and a larger supporting surface area.

Personalised advice and rapid delivery

Roller Conveyors from item are compatible with the item building kit systems and can be integrated into machinery, racks and transport trolleys. The same applies to work benches in the item Work Bench System. With its widespread network of partners, branches and warehouses, item can always provide users with advice and support. Short delivery times and the continuous availability of the range are top priorities for item. Technical information on all the products and practical online tools such as the Deflection Calculator for profiles are available on the Internet at www.item24.de/en around the clock.



DOK KAT PM item Rollenbahnen NH 2015 I SEN
276.78 kB download
DOK KAT PM item Rollenbahnen NH 2015 I SEN
439 kB download
Castor Rail and Roller Track with Castors D30 2 07.07.2015 2359.73 kB download
Castor Rail and Roller Track with Rollers D11 07.07.2015 1891.45 kB download
Cap with integrated stop 07.07.2015 2888.39 kB download
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