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Secure and convenient double doors.

Testing the hardness of
Profile KH

Lean production 2.0 with item. Design, construction and modification made easier than ever.

Rapid assembly work with the preassembled Fastener D30

The preassembled Fastener D30

Easy castor replacement on Roller Conveyor 6 40x40

The Stairway/
Platform System meets the requirements of OSHA standard 1910.29.

Good reasons to use D30 - Plan B, item Pluspartner

item SystemMobiles
(17,5 MB)

Automatic Angle Bracket Set, 80x80
(6,0 MB)

Automatic Angle Bracket Set, 40x40
(6,0 MB)

Automatic Flat Bracket Set, 120x120
(5,6 MB)

Automatic Flat Bracket Set, 80x40
(5,5 MB)

item Universal-Fastening Set
(1,8 MB)

item Standard-Fastening Set
(0,8 MB)

item Click-Fastening Set 8
(2,4 MB)

item Automatic-Fastening Set
(1,3 MB)

Linear Unit KRF 8 80x40 ZR
(6,8 MB)

item rack drive (2,8 MB)

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