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Work Bench System

1. Why and how do operators alternate between a sitting and standing work bench?
(24,7 MB)

2. What criteria do good work bench light fittings have to meet?
(34,4 MB)

3. How do you use a Compound Slide Overhang to im-
prove tool provision and stowage with a Tool Balancer?
(24,9 MB)

4. How can I make precision work easier for staff?
(24,6 MB)

5. What is the advantage of modularity when it comes to work bench design?
(28,6 MB)

6. How can operators optimise the ergonomics of their handling area?
(89,7 MB)

7. What do I need to think about when choosing a chair for industrial use?
(81,4 MB)

LP Building Kit System - Line D30

1. What are the Fasteners made of?
(13,9 MB)

2. What length tolerance does Line D30 permit?
(16,3 MB)

3. What is the maximum angular accuracy in the system?
(19,9 MB)

4. Do the connections have to be retightened?
(16,8 MB)

5. What is the load-carrying capacity of the tubes and Fasteners?
(15,3 MB)

6. Does item offer a range of different fasteners in the line?
(19,5 MB)

7. Are the tubes and fasteners in Line D30 electrostatically dissipative?
(14,8 MB)

8. How versatile is the Line D30 system when it comes to extending constructions?
(17,3 MB)

9. Are there different fasteners for single, double, triple and multiple connections?
(18,5 MB)

10. Is the lean production system compatible with other item profiles?
(28,6 MB)

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