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item ikasys

item ikasys - CAD DVD tool

The new CD-based catalogue, item ikasys, neatly combines all the functionality of the online catalogue with assembly instructions, CAD data and a parts list function enabling enquiries and orders to be generated.

The latest version of item ikasys ( offers a whole range of new CAD interfaces, the new products 2016/ I and a number of detail enhancements.

A user-friendly full-text search function and the directory layout help users to find specific products - exactly as in the item product catalogues. Assembly Instructions are stored as PDF files and can, as a result, be easily viewed on virtually any computer. All the CAD data can be viewed in a 3D preview and then exported to the desired 2D or 3D format.



Register with my item now and you can download the latest version of item's ikasys software (Version: // 620 MB) from the Download section.

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Catalogue in the App Store

You can now also find our latest catalogues in the App Store.

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