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Parts Container Cover 80 antistatic, black

Art. No.: 0.0.432.29
a = 80 mm
Line   = Work Bench System
line 5
line 6
line 8
line 12
Material   = PA-GF
Property   = black
Delivery Unit   = 1 pce.
Antistatic   = Yes
Weight m = 51 g
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item work bench systems - New Products Autumn 2010
The new item work bench system.

Bild Beschreibung Dateien
Double assembly work bench - Article EX-01056Two height-adjustable table elements with accessories for production work.


Stackable Parts Containers in various widths and heights for holding small parts within easy reach at work benches.
The Parts Containers are divided into two sections:
- Storage containers at the rear
- Front section where a small number of components can be transferred from the storage container for greater ease of handling.
The Parts Container Covers can be used to seal the Parts Containers against dust and enable the Parts Containers to be stacked offset one above the other.