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Double Pivot Arm 8 695

Art. No.: 0.0.631.19
Profiles 8 40x40 3N light
Double Swivel Joint 40 (mounting joints)
Standard Swivel Joint (middle joint)
End Swivel Joint
Connecting cover, PA, grey
3 Connecting Plates, Al, natural
Button-Head Screw M8x22, St, bright zinc-plated
Notes on Use and Installation
Line   = Work Bench System
line 8
Material   = Al, anodized
Delivery Unit   = 1 pce.
Weight m = 2.7 kg
Accessories for Double Pivot Arm 8 695
Product Article-Id.: Quantity
Parts Container 80x40, black Parts Container 80x40, black 0.0.432.73 1 pce.
Parts Container 120x40, black Parts Container 120x40, black 0.0.432.74 1 pce.
Parts Container 160x80, black Parts Container 160x80, black 0.0.432.75 1 pce.
Monitor Adapter 8 VESA 75-100 PA Monitor Adapter 8 VESA 75-100 PA 0.0.615.48 1 set
Frame Profile 8 40x20, natural Frame Profile 8 40x20, natural 0.0.616.95 cut-off max. 6000 mm
Corner-Fastening Set Frame 8 40x20 Corner-Fastening Set Frame 8 40x20 0.0.618.61 1 set
Retaining Cord D6, grey Retaining Cord D6, grey 0.0.622.12 cut-off max. 20 m
Description Date Filesize
Assembly instruction 03.02.2014 0 MB
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item work bench systems - New Products Autumn 2010
The new item work bench system.

Bild Beschreibung Dateien
Double assembly work bench - Article EX-01056Two height-adjustable table elements with accessories for production work.

Machine enclosure - Article EX-01082This machine enclosure with work bench has been fitted with noise-insulating material on the front. Steel Mesh on the top provides ventilation and ensures maximum occupational safety.


The Double Pivot Arm 8 695 from item – for double the reach and maximum flexibility!
Two arms are connected via a Standard Swivel Joint so that users can move the arm closer to them or further away. The stable End Swivel Joint is designed for connection to Line 8 profiles. The Double Pivot Arm can reach approximately 695 mm and carry a maximum vertical load of 80 N.
Double Pivot Arm 8 695 should only be fitted to vertical profile grooves.
The connection can be made with either a horizontal or vertical profile groove. An end-face connection with Profiles is also possible.
All the joints can be rotated through 360° and their frictional moment can be adjusted.