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New products: The ergonomic work bench system.

The new products in the item Work Bench System save time and energy. Work bench 4 E FIFO features a stable frame for integrated roller conveyors that simplify FIFO picking. The work bench can be configured as required in next to no time thanks to our Online Product Configurator. As with all work benches from item, the 4 E FIFO also comes with a height-adjustment system.

Integrated power and data routing is what makes Profile 8 160x60 4N K56 stand out from the crowd. Used as a column in a table upright, this profile offers space for integrated plug sockets and telephone and network connections, thus ensuring the work bench is perfectly equipped and nobody gets tangled in cables.

The new light fittings from item boast the very latest in LED technology. Whether additional light is required over the whole work bench, around a particular machine or for a magnifier – item offers energy-efficient models for all needs. The new lighting range includes fittings in several sizes and a wide range of accessories. 

Work bench 4 E FIFO

The item work bench 4 E FIFO – a logical and efficient combination of work bench and FIFO rack. Strong and steady with a customisable configuration.

To keep work moving fast, this ergonomic work bench can be fitted with roller conveyors on several different levels. It is easy to design a customised material provisioning system that includes a return facility for empty containers. The work bench can be configured with material picking and provisioning systems from the Work Bench System and elements from the Lean Production Building Kit System.

Label Profile 8 40 E

Only shorthand is faster. Label Profile 8 40 E clips into a Line 8 system groove in one easy move. No need for tools, no need for several different components. Label cards are kept safe and secure behind transparent PVC and are slotted into place from above. It’s the quickest way to keep racks, SystemMobiles and roller conveyors clearly labelled.

Label Profile is available in cut-offs or in 2000 mm lengths to be cut to size by users – with the item Multi-Purpose Pliers, for example. Every storage location can be clearly labelled to ensure everything is properly organised.

Profile 8 160x60 4N K56

The profile for the customised delivery of power and data – power at the top, network connection at the bottom, telephone line in the middle? No problem! Profile 8 160x60 4N K56 allows users to locate their Multi-Socket Power Strips and Distribution Strips where they like. Power lines and data cables can also be routed through its integrated cable conduit to the perfect position. Securing clips keep everything neat and make it much easier to lay cables.

Distribution strip inserts

The inserts slot seamlessly into a Distribution Strip and Profile 8 160x60 4N K56, allowing you to position USB and network connections precisely where they are needed. Connecting cables ensure your installation is perfect for your needs.

Waste Bin 35l

One swipe and everything is gone. The self-opening and closing lid of the Waste Bin means it can be used with just one hand. As it is flush-mounted against the table top, order can be restored to a working surface in one easy fluid motion.

The robust fabric bag of the Waste Bin can handle discarded products and reusable parts without any need for a liner. However, it is advisable to use a Waste Sack when filling the bin with general rubbish. The bag can be easily removed for cleaning.

For added safety, the flexible material of the bag is designed to collapse during a collision.

Cable Guide Profile 8 40x16

The fastest cable conduit solution from item – simply cut to length and press into a Line 8 groove. The profile incorporates three separate conduits, which makes it incredibly easy to lay and replace individual cables as necessary. Cables can even be laid around corners by pushing Cable Guide Profiles up against each other.

LED Illuminated Magnifier D150

When every detail counts, LED Illuminated Magnifier D150 is the ideal solution. Measuring 150 mm in diameter, the magnifier incorporates a ring of LEDs that provide glare-free lighting for workpieces. A dimmer function allows users to decrease brightness to as low as 10 percent. The scratch-resistant lens offers a distortion-free view of workpieces.

Thanks to six swivelling axes and a head joint that allows adjustment in three dimensions, the Illuminated Magnifier can be moved into the perfect position and locked in place. The balanced rods allow virtually effortless adjustment and support intuitive operation.

LED Machine Light Fittings

With Machine Light Fittings available in five sizes, there’s a lighting solution for every machine. Everything from the most awkward corner to large cabins can be lit up. Thanks to IP 67 protection, the light fittings can also be used in harsh environments. They are fixed in place using a Line 8 groove, while an integrated hinge allows users to direct light where it is needed. When designing work benches, the Machine Light Fittings offer a space-saving solution for boosting lighting levels on the work surface.

LED Light Fittings

Lighting is a crucial aspect of work bench ergonomics. Cutting-edge LED Light Fittings from item support fatigue-free and efficient working practices. The reflector grid and diffusor panel on the fittings combine to make sure light is distributed evenly and without glare.

What’s more, the latest, cutting-edge LED technology achieves maximum light output with minimum power consumption. The integrated ON/OFF switch incorporates two lighting levels and can be further enhanced using an optional wireless dimmer system.

LED Machine Light Fitting and LED Light Fitting accessories

Cables and Splitters can be used to control several LED light fittings from one place. Electronic Transformers should be selected as appropriate to the output of the relevant light fitting. A range of compatible control and power supply components can be used to configure the optimum lighting scenario.

Detailed information on our new products can be found in our online catalogue.

Work Bench System video

The new products in the item Work Bench System save time and energy. Watch the video for the autumn 2013 innovations from item.

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