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New products: MB Building Kit System

The MB Building Kit System just got stronger. Thanks to their large cross-sections, the new Profiles X 8 are ideal for use as strong struts. Diagonal Strut Set 8 can boost the load-carrying capacity of beams and support horizontal profiles, enabling users to build elegant and strong structures.

The new Multi-wall Sheet and Honeycomb Sheet can be cut to size with ease to produce lightweight protective panels in next to no time. When simple, washable screening or dust protection is called for, these panel elements offer a speedy solution. 

Protective Profile 6 30x15 E

Clip on to stay safe. Protective Profile 6 30x15 E is made of impact-absorbing PE foam, protects against scratches and absorbs impacts. The impact protection can be anchored firmly into a Line 6 groove and is also ideal for use as transport packing. It safely covers over profile edges and sides.

Profiles X 8

The profiles in Line X can be built into elegant constructions, usually with closed surfaces. The minimised edge radius results in a seamless connection between profiles and eliminates protruding edges.

Cover Profile X 8 Al

As you can see, there’s nothing to see. Cover Profile X 8 Al stops dirt and dust getting into the grooves of Line X and Line XMS profiles It has been specially designed for the edge radii of these profiles and creates a closed, easy-to-clean surface that blends in perfectly with the overall look of constructions. It can also be used to safely cover over cables that have been routed through a groove.

Cover Profile X 8 Al is also compatible with the grooves on Linear Unit KLE, making it ideal for building automation solutions that will be used in a cleanroom environment.

Diagonal Strut Set 8

Improved load-carrying capacity for individual supporting struts and cantilever arms! Diagonal Strut Set 8 300x300 is a strong solution that increases the load-carrying capacity of horizontal profiles. This means users can build more elegant constructions without having to compromise their suitability for day-to-day use.

The 45° diagonal struts have a closed, easy-clean outer surface.

Fastening Set Profile 8 240x40

When it comes to building customised, stable table frames, item has a range of special components to offer, such as Profile 8 160x60 4N E (0.0.644.15). It helps users construct frames and structures that are lightweight but nonetheless exhibit good load-bearing capacity. Profile 8 240x40 8N light (0.0.629.44) is ideally suited for adding extra rigidity and providing screening.

Thanks to Fastening Set Profile 8 240x40, these cross profiles can be fitted with ease and adjusted to the perfect height.

Adjustable Foot D47, M10x30

The stable foot that offers added convenience. Making height adjustments is very simple because the screw is accessed from above.

Adjustable Foot D47, M10x30 can be adjusted easily using a 5 A/F key, such as when used in a table base or machine baseplate.

Multi-wall Sheet panels

When work has to move fast or a partition doesn’t need to satisfy stringent safety requirements, Multi-wall Sheet panels are the answer. These lightweight panel elements made of easy-to-clean polypropylene can be cut to size with a knife and secured in place in a few easy steps. As a result, users can install a floor under a roller conveyor or splash protection between profiles in a matter of moments, for example.

The panels can be easily folded and bent along the direction of the internal walls. item offers a wide selection of additional panel elements for applications with more stringent requirements for load-carrying capacity.

Honeycomb Sheet panels

Honeycomb Sheet panels are ideal for simple protective enclosures around machines. They prevent direct access, fend off minor impacts and are easy to clean.

Honeycomb Sheet is made from two smooth and even layers joined together by a honeycomb-shaped structure. Unlike Multi-wall Sheet panels, it is therefore rigid in all directions Nevertheless, it can still be cut to size and fixed in place just as quickly  item offers a wide selection of additional panel elements for applications with more stringent requirements for load-carrying capacity.

Limit Stop, Runway Profile 8

Runway Profile 8 40x40, natural from item can be used to produce robust solutions for transporting products overhead. Limit Stop, Runway Profile 8 brings the Runway Slide to a gentle halt as it reaches the end of travel. Its elastic impact buffer easily absorbs shock loads.  The elastic Limit Stop can be used instead of the PA limit stops with clip-in function that are supplied with Runway Slide Set 8 40x40.

Detailed information on our new products can be found in our online catalogue.

New Products MB 09/2013

The MB Building Kit System just got bigger. Watch the new products video.

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