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New products: Linear technology

Two new turnkey systems keep things moving fast when it comes to planning, installation and operation. Compact Linear Unit GSF takes up barely any more space than a standard profile and employs a small number of parts to deliver maximum performance. Its flat slide with Drive Unit glides along the profile groove with no need for lubricants.

Unpack and go is the motto for the fastest slide in the item portfolio. Slide LRF is supplied ready for installation and makes it much easier for users to mount applications. It offers a flat, face-milled surface and positioning collars that ensure add-ons can be positioned with pinpoint accuracy, thereby minimising setup times.

Slide LRF 8

Everything runs smoothly with this solution. Slide LRF 8 is a practical complete system for roller guides that run on Shafts D10 or D14, which are fastened to a Line 8 groove using Shaft-Clamp Profiles. It is delivered ready for installation and comprises a Carriage Profile with a flat surface and two quiet-running Double-Bearing Units with End Cap and Lubricating Systems. Simply slot it onto the shafts, adjust the rollers from the side, tighten everything up and that’s it – your torsion-resistant linear slide is good to go. Slide LRF 8 is available for linear slides in a width of 40 and 80 mm.

Fitting functional elements is also incredibly easy. The upper surface of the slide has been milled flat and features four openings for positioning collars. As a result, any application can be fastened to the Slide with outstanding precision, which makes maintenance work easier and reduces setup times.

Slide LRF can also be combined with a Timing-Belt Drive or chain drive to form automated solutions.

Slide Sets LRF and Slide Profiles LRF can also be ordered separately to build slides in customised lengths.

Slide Sets LRF 8

The ideal solution for customised slides! Slide Sets LRF 8, Slide Profiles LRF 8 and Adjuster Profile 8 can be used to design and build customised linear slides up to 3000 mm in length. Slide Set LRF 8 contains everything that a roller unit needs – Bearing Units, End Cap and Lubricating Systems and all the fastening elements required to install the four modules of the Slide Set with exceptional speed. There is no need for pinning.

Sets are available with either D10 or D14 rollers as appropriate to the loads involved. The Slide Sets are screwed to Adjuster Profile 8. Two grub screws installed in the side of Slide Profile LRF 8 are used to adjust the Bearing Units so as to eliminate play.

Adjuster Profile 8

Adjuster Profile 8 ensures there is no play between the roller units and shaft, even on long slides. The bearing units of Slide Sets LRF 8 don’t exhibit displacement over long-term use either. Consequently, Slide Profile LRF 8 runs with very little wear, even in the case of very long slides.

Slide Sets LRF 8 are fastened to the Adjuster Profile via a screw connection. The Profile is inserted into the special groove and runs the entire length of the slide.

Slide Profiles LRF 8

Slide Profile LRF 8 has two special features that make it easier to build customised units. The upper surface is milled flat and offers a great deal of space for incorporating application-specific fastenings. Installation, maintenance and application changeovers take just minutes.

The underside of the Slide Profile features a Line 8 groove as well as special grooves to accommodate Adjuster Profile 8, to which the Slide Set LRF 8 is fastened. Two threaded bores need to be machined on one side to enable adjustment of the rollers. An indentation makes precise placement easier. One of the special grooves for the Adjuster Profile is wider than the other in order that the rollers can be adjusted via a grub screw so as to eliminate play.

Caps LRF 8

End-face covering made of glass-fibre-reinforced plastic for Slide Profiles LRF 8. All grooves are cleanly covered over, cut edges do not need to be deburred.

Linear Unit GSF 8 40 R10

Light, quiet and high-performance! Linear Unit GSF 8 40 is an efficient turnkey system with minimal space requirements. This economic Linear Unit uses only a few components to deliver maximum performance. For example, the slide uses a Line 8 groove on the support profile as its guide. It runs without lubricants on a wear-resistant sliding shoe.

The Drive Unit and Reverse Unit feature an exceptionally compact design. The tensioning device for the Timing Belt is integrated into the Reverse Unit. Its ball-bearing mounted pulleys ensure quiet and smooth running over long-term use. The Timing Belt is routed back through the profile groove.

Drive Unit GSF 8 40 R10
Timing-Belt Reverse Unit GSF 8 40 R10

It’s so small and yet it’s a complete timing-belt drive! All the components fit together to make a compact solution. The tensioning device for the Timing Belt is integrated into the Reverse Unit. The ball-bearing mounted pulleys ensure that everything runs smoothly.

The individual components of the T-Slot Slider can also be used to build customised drive solutions – Drive Unit and Timing-Belt Reverse Unit GSF 8 40 R10 can be used with a wide range of Line 8 profiles as a guide.

Drive Set GSF 8 40

Drive Set GSF 8 40 can be used to connect any drives to Linear Unit GSF 8. The versatile coupling can be adapted for several different drive shafts and transfers drive torque without play.

Slide Set GSF 8 80x40

The compact slide of the T-Slot Slider with integrated sliding shoe made of high-performance plastic. The solution requires no lubricants, is maintenance-free and uses a Line 8 profile groove as a guide. The Timing Belt is secured between the carriage plate and T-Slot Slider in a space-saving arrangement.

Slide Set GSF 8 80x40 can also be used without a Drive Unit as a simple slide guide running in a Line 8 profile groove.

Linear Unit KRF 8 80x40 ZR, synchronous drive

Thanks to its criss-crossed roller guide and high-strength steel tracks, Linear Unit KRF is ideal for demanding applications.

Two Linear Units KRF can also be used in parallel and synchronised together. In this case, Linear Unit KRF 8 80x40 ZR, synchronous drive permits connection to a Synchroniser Shaft on the opposite side to the motor. Synchronising Set KRF 8 80 ZR is used to make this connection.

Synchronising Set KRF 8 80 ZR

The robust equaliser couplings made from stainless steel connect the Synchroniser Shaft to Linear Units KRF. Tube D25x3 is recommended for use as a shaft.

Synchroniser Shaft Cover Set KRF 8 80 ZR

Covering the Synchroniser Shaft on all sides improves machine safety and keeps dirt out of the system. The Conduit Profile of Synchroniser Shaft Cover Set KRF 8 80 ZR can be opened and closed easily to allow maintenance work.

New products Linear technology can be found in our online catalogue.

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