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New products: Line XMS – the integrated machine concept

The new profiles in Line XMS save on installation space without compromising on performance. Profiles X 8 XMS are only 40 mm wide but offer all the usual benefits of the line, such as the option of using Door Lip Seals to keep dust and noise inside the enclosure.

Cover Profile X 8 Al closes over the groove in Lines X and XMS to create a flush, closed surface that is easy to keep clean. It is ideal for use in cleanroom applications and for producing a closed surface on Linear Unit KLE.

Safety Switch 8 – a step forward in safety. An encoded RFID chip uses contactless technology and sits entirely in the profile groove.

item wins the "German Design Award 2014"

The award for the best German product in the product and communication design category has gone to Solingen this year, too. Following on from the success of the award-winning Profile XMS, item has once again emerged as the best of the best in this prestigious competition. The German Design Council deliberated over a total of 1,900 entries to select the best 100 products from 10 categories, and chose Line XMS from item.

Line XMS has won the international “iF product design award 2013”.

Profiles X 8 - XMS

Want the advantages of Line XMS, but in a smaller size? Then Profiles X 8 40x40 - XMS are exactly what you’re looking for. They feature closed sides and are pre-prepared to accommodate door seals. What’s more, two doors can close against Corner Profile X 8 40x40 2N90 - XMS. Door Lip Seal T2 - XMS uses the special groove of the inside corner and seals both doors together. item offers Door Lip Seal T1 - XMS for use with Profile X 8 40x40 1N - XMS. Profiles X 8 40x40 - XMS create exceptionally slender frame constructions in Line XMS.

Door Lip Seals T

Door Lip Seals T are a door rabbet and seal for constructions built using compact Profiles X 8 40x40 - XMS. They fit into the special angled grooves of these profiles.Door Lip Seal T2 - XMS seals two doors at the same time when they meet in the corner at a Profile X 8 40x40 2N90 - XMS. By contrast, Door Lip Seal T1 - XMS is intended for sealing a single door.

Safety Switch 8, 24V DC

A new dimension in safety. Safety Switch 8, 24V DC uses contactless switching and therefore offers a long and reliable service life free from mechanical wear. This is made possible by an encoded electronic system that uses RFID technology. Each actuator features a coded chip and is completely concealed in the Line 8 groove. The switch registers whether the chip is within the sensor range with outstanding precision. In contrast to mechanical systems, the encoded chip is extremely tamper-proof.

The system ensures repeat accuracy for switching points and an exceptional safety standard. Two short-circuit-proof safety outputs forward signals to the switchbox. The safety lines feature integrated monitoring for cross circuits, wire breakages and interference-voltage. Up to 31 switches can be connected in series to combine various measurement points. A three-colour LED on each switch enables users to check its operating status at a glance. Thanks to IP67 protection, Safety Switch 8 can be used in most environments.

New products Line XMS can be found in our online catalogue.

New Products XMS 09/2013

The new profiles in Line XMS save on installation space without compromising on performance. Watch the new products video.

Line XMS-ePaper

Explore the new Line XMS offered by item in this animated digital catalogue.

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The interactive 3D PDF for the new Line XMS. Contains more than 25 animations.

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