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New products 2013/II (Autumn)

Experience innovation – new item products for 2013/ II.

The latest new products from item have been designed with a particular emphasis on speed and efficiency. The item Work Bench System has been extended with a whole range of new components that provide perfect picking and provisioning conditions.

The latest addition to the classic MB Building Kit System for industrial applications is an innovative and time-saving profile fastening system.

A genuine highlight and the perfect element for your shooter racks is the new Release Unit D30 – an automatic system that makes light work of loading and unloading flow racks.

MB Building Kit System

New products MB Building Kit System

The MB Building Kit System just got stronger. Thanks to their large cross-sections, the new Profiles X 8 are ideal for use as strong struts. Diagonal Strut Set 8 can boost the load-carrying capacity of beams and support horizontal profiles, enabling users to build elegant and strong structures.

The new Multi-wall Sheet and Honeycomb Sheet can be cut to size with ease to produce lightweight protective panels in next to no time. When simple, washable screening or dust protection is called for, these panel elements offer a speedy solution.

Line XMS

New products Line XMS

The new profiles in Line XMS save on installation space without compromising on performance. Profiles X 8 XMS are only 40 mm wide but offer all the usual benefits of the line, such as the option of using Door Lip Seals to keep dust and noise inside the enclosure.

Linear technology

New products - Linear technology

Two new turnkey systems keep things moving fast when it comes to planning, installation and operation. Compact Linear Unit GSF takes up barely any more space than a standard profile and employs a small number of parts to deliver maximum performance. Its flat slide with Drive Unit glides along the profile groove with no need for lubricants.

Unpack and go is the motto for the fastest slide in the item portfolio. Slide LRF is supplied ready for installation and makes it much easier for users to mount applications. It offers a flat, face-milled surface and positioning collars that ensure add-ons can be positioned with pinpoint accuracy, thereby minimising setup times.

Work Bench System

New products - Work Bench System

The new products in the item Work Bench System save time and energy. Work bench 4 E FIFO features a stable frame for integrated roller conveyors that simplify FIFO picking. The work bench can be configured as required in next to no time thanks to our Online Product Configurator. As with all work benches from item, the 4 E FIFO also comes with a height-adjustment system.




LP Building Kit System

New products - LP Building Kit System

The new products in the LP Building Kit System deliver better freedom of movement and added speed. Release Unit D30 can be used to build customised shooters for the automatic loading and unloading of workstations. Transport containers are safely transported and unloaded at the right place thanks to selective actuation. As a result, a tugger train can serve numerous stations at the same time.