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Neuheiten MB Systembaukasten

New products: MB Building Kit System

Discover the latest product innovations to add even more possibilities to the MB Building Kit System! Whether machine Frames,enclosures and guards, automation solutions or racks, the MB Building Kit System is the solution for all design and construction Tasks in mechanical and factory Equipment Engineering.

Cable Entry Protector K76 with Sealing Brush

The simplest way to route cables out of the item Installation Column: Cable Entry Protector K76 with Sealing Brush creates a flexible opening that uses several layers of flexible polyamide bristles to keep dust out. Cables can be easily fed through the bristles.

Corner Deflector Guard 8 St 160x160x80

Protect transport trolleys from damage. The item Corner Deflector Guard 8 St 160x160x80, which is made of steel, acts like an integral bumper. It deflects the impact so that the frame isn’t damaged. The collision protection covers the outer edges because these are the most likely to be damaged by being bent.

Security Bit Set 2A/F – 6A/F

Products fitted with item Security Bolts cannot be opened or fastened using conventional bit sets. The security pin in the centre prevents the insertion of a hex bit. item Security Bolts thus offer effective protection from unauthorised tampering.

Cap 8 80x16 Zn

This robust Cap for flat Profile 8 80x16 guards against even hard impacts and seals the end face of the profile. It is often used as a simple collision guard. Cap 8 80x16 Zn is therefore fixed to the screw channels of the profile using the enclosed screws to create a strong friction-based connection, which ensures it can resist impacts and vibration over long-term use.

Cap 6 D11

When screwing together two Line 6 profiles, users have to drill through one profile to reach the core bore of the other profile. Cap 6 D11 seals off the hole. This ensures that cut edges are safely covered over and keeps dust out of the drilled hole.

Profiles 8 3N light

Profile 8 80x40 3N90 light and Profile 8 120x40 3N light are ideal for building the framework of cabins and frames. Thanks to their closed grooves, they seal out dust and deposits.

Tool Balancers

Position tools at the right height for employees to reach. The item Tool Balancers can be adapted to specific reaching heights and automatically remove tools from the immediate working area. Because the retraction force can be manually set, the Tool Balancer can be adjusted to perfectly match the weight of the tool. An arrester mechanism is also included as standard.

Collision Guard L

According to DGUV Regulation 108-007 (previously BGR 234), when a rack is loaded from a forklift or other freely steerable machinery and/or is located on a route used by such machinery, its corner areas must be protected by a mechanical cover. The robust item Collision Guard L is anchored to the ground and acts as a fixed guard to stop vehicles colliding with the rack. The L-shaped Collision Guard is 405 mm high.

Installation Profile 8 160x80 K76

The Aluminium Installation Profile 8 160x80 K76 offers Maximum protection for supply lines and cables. It Features a generously sized cable conduit and two integrated compressed air conduits. When combined with the Base Plate, it can be installed as a free-standing profile or used as a stand profile for a safety barrier.

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