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Neuheiten LP Systembaukasten

New products: Lean Production Building Kit System

These new products are expanding the Lean Production Building Kit System, the cost-effective solution for building and adapting factory equipment on-site according to current needs. Profile Tube System D30 makes it all possible.

Information about the Lean Production Building Kit System can be found here

Roller Conveyors St 60

Thanks to its wide rollers and low height, Roller Conveyor St 60x24 D15 is compatible with most installation scenarios and transported goods. It is installed using Roller Conveyor 60 Fastening Bracket D30. The same Fastening Bracket is also used to extend roller conveyor lines. Fastening Profile D30-60 is used to attach Guide Rail e 4.

Braking Castor D30-23

To prevent heavy impacts and stresses, crates and goods should glide over a roller conveyor at a consistent speed. Braking Castor D30-23 regulates speed on rigid Roller Conveyor 6 40x40 E D30. When objects are moving slowly, the mechanical system has a lower braking effect.

Ball Joint Butt Fastener D30

Ball Joint Butt Fastener D30 connects the end faces of two Profiles D30 at any angle. Thanks to the stable internal ball, users can twist and turn the fastener 180° to the desired position and fix it in place with a single screw.

Roller D46/D30-20 ESD

Now available in an ESD-safe version: Roller D46/D30-20 ESD uses a D30 profile as an axis. It guides crates and goods safely through the frame and protects the containers and profile at the same time. Its vertical or horizontal position can be fixed using Fastening Ring D40/D30-10 ESD.

Threaded Insert, Profile Tube D30 heavy duty

Whether for connecting Adjustable Feet or fixing accessories to the end face of the profile, Threaded Insert, Profile Tube D30 heavy duty M8 and Threaded Insert, Profile Tube D30 heavy duty M10 create a mechanically locked connection that can accommodate exceptionally high compressive and tensile loads. The self-tapping Threaded Inserts fit into Profile Tube D30 heavy duty.

Tube D30x1.5 CFRP

This extremely torsion-resistant carbon tube weighs around 40 percent less than a Tube D30 made of aluminium – which is already light to start with. Its low dead weight makes it ideal for building dynamic Karakuri assemblies. Structures mounted on handling devices and robots also benefit from the combination of low mass moment of inertia and high torsion resistance

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