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MB Systembaukasten

New products in the MB Building Kit System for autumn 2015

Whether machine frames, enclosures and guards, automation solutions or racks, the item MB Building Kit System is the solution for all design and construction tasks in mechanical and factory equipment engineering. There are virtually no limits to how its modular components can be combined. Reliability and extendibility ensure that systems and structures have an extremely long useful life.

  • Detailed information about the profiles, fasteners and accessories in the MB Building Kit System can be found here.

Circular Spirit Level 8 D20

The item Circular Spirit Level makes light work of checking the horizontal and vertical positions of profiles and tables. When using mobile workstations in particular, it offers an incredibly convenient way to adjust height compensation via knuckle feet. The Circular Spirit Level is screwed firmly into the groove on a profile, so there is no need for an additional spirit level to be carried.

Jacking Castors D62

The item Jacking Castors are combined with a height-adjustable knuckle foot. They enable personnel to move work benches, laboratory equipment and racks to precisely where they are needed. And when they get there, the integrated knuckle foot is simply lowered into position to ensure nothing shakes around.

Automatic-Fastening Sets

A double T-Slot Nut makes light work of installing two Automatic Fasteners. As soon as the first Automatic Fastener has been lined up, the second can be tightened straight away. The Automatic Fasteners with double T-Slot Nut come in complete sets for the Line 8 groove (suitable for profile widths of 40 and 80 mm), Line 6 groove (profile widths of 30 and 60 mm) and Line 5 groove (profile width of 20 mm).

Standard-Fastening Sets 8, one-sided

For perfectionists everywhere: Standard-Fastening Set 8, one-sided can be used to build right-angled connections that fit flush when a Cap is fitted to one of the profiles. Because the fastener takes up less space in the groove, panel elements can be installed without having to trim their corners.

Automatic Angle Bracket Caps 8

The item Automatic Angle Bracket Set is the fastest profile fastener. Everything is preassembled and all users have to do is tighten the screws. The Automatic Angle Bracket Cap locks out dirt and dust. It is pushed into place by hand and removed with ease using a screwdriver.

Hinge St

This universal Hinge St makes short work of securing doors and hatches. The use of slots makes the hinge highly adjustable and compatible with Lines 5 to 8. The maximum opening angle is 180°. The Hinge St is also available in grey.

Conduit Cap 80x40 with Cable Entry Protector

The practical accessory for Conduit Profiles U 80x40 SE and the Modular Conduit System. Conduit Cap 80x40 with Cable Entry Protector is the ideal solution when lines also need to be routed through the end face of a conduit. It can also be retrofitted around cables and lines that have already been laid.

New Products 2015/II ePaper

Explore the new products offered by item in this animated digital catalogue.

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