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Lean Production Systembaukasten

New products in the Lean Production Building Kit System for autumn 2015

Respond to changes fast: The Lean Production Building Kit System is the cost-effective solution for building and adapting factory equipment on-site according to current needs. Profile Tube System D30 makes it all possible.

Protective Profile D30 R28-90°

Protective Profile D30 R28-90° envelops the flank of a Profile Tube to provide permanently flexible impact protection, while leaving all other flanks and areas freely accessible. To ensure optimum protection, this item innovation uses a special chamber that deforms to absorb an impact. Simply clip Protective Profile directly to the Profile Tube – no drilling or gluing required.

Caps, Profile Tube D40/D30

Cap, Profile Tube D40/D30 seals an open end on a Profile Tube D40/D30. It safely covers over sharp outer edges and stops dust settling on the profile.

Cable Guide Profile D30

Laying cables and hoses really can be a quick and easy job! Cable Guide Profile D30 clips onto Profile Tube D30 with no need for drilling. Cables are laid through it simply by poking through the cover membrane and introducing the lines. Cables and lines can be routed neatly and safely through two separate conduits.

Universal Holder D30

A small clip with a big effect: Universal Holder D30 is the fastest way to secure cables and lines neatly to a Profile Tube. Simply clip it into place and it holds firm – no drilling necessary. Its openings provide a secure anchor point for cable ties up to 5 mm in width.

Slide Strips D30 with Side Guide H13

Always stay on track: Slide Strip D30 with Side Guide H13 converts any Profile Tube D30 into a conveyor line. The raised edge keeps transported containers on track. It can also be used to create a frame in which panel elements can be laid. Slide Strip D30 with Side Guide H13 is pushed onto a flank of Profile Tube D30.

Roller D39.5-25

It keeps everything on track: Robust Roller D39.5-25 runs over aluminium profiles to provide reliable guidance for components. It is ideal for building Karakuri/LCA/LCIA applications.

Roller D46/D30-20
Fastening Ring D40/D30-10

Roller D46/D30-20 uses a Profile D30 as an axle. The Roller has the same conveying height as the item roller conveyors and supports smooth material flow, particularly at the transitions on conveyor lines with different gradients. The Roller turns directly on the profile, with no need for lubrication. The lateral play (or vertical play if fitted to a vertical profile) can be restricted using Fastening Ring D40/D30-10.

New Products 2015/II ePaper

Explore the new products offered by item in this animated digital catalogue.

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