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Neuheiten 2015/II

New Products 2015/II (Autumn)

Systematic innovation – the new item products for autumn 2015.

The latest new products from item open up new opportunities in mechanical engineering and even include a world-first. Build eight-cornered XMS enclosures for rotary indexing tables, use improved impact and scratch protection for the Lean Production Building Kit System and make the most of the new Jacking Castors for mobile work benches and racks.

Find out more in the sections below. The full new products catalogue is also available as a practical e-paper!

MB Building Kit System

Do more for less: The practical item Automatic-Fastening Set with double T-Slot Nut keeps things moving fast. Using Standard-Fastening Set 8, one-sided, you can build doors with very narrow clearances in fewer steps. And the new item Jacking Castor combines a stable castor with a height-adjustable knuckle foot.

Line XMS

New forms and new functions: Thanks to a world-first from item – Double Door Stop Set 8 – you can now build generously proportioned double doors that are easier, quicker and safer to use. Profiles X 8 45° – XMS with a 45° angle are the basis for building eight-cornered enclosures. The new Profiles X 8 90° – XMS, meanwhile, create a gentle curve at the edges of XMS enclosures instead of using right-angled edges.

Work Bench System

Simply practical: Applying and cutting adhesive packaging tape couldn’t be easier or safer when using the item Packaging Tape Dispenser. And the new stainless steel ESD Drag Chain offers item SystemMobiles and mobile racks even better protection from electrostatic charges.

Finally, each tool has its own dedicated place. item Toolboards have separate recesses to keep srewdrivers, pliers, etc. clean and safe. Each and every Toolboard is unique, made with precision to your exact requirements.

Lean Production Building Kit System

The new Protective Profile D30 R28-90° is made of plastic with durable elasticity. It absorbs impacts and protects transported goods from being scratched and scraped. Roller D46/D30-20 provides support at the transitions between stretches of roller conveyor with different gradients. And Universal Holder D30 can be used to fix cables and lines cleanly to a Profile Tube.

New Products 2015/II ePaper

Explore the new products offered by item in this animated digital catalogue.

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