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Neuheiten Arbeitsplatzsystem

New products: Work Bench System

Half the height, all the performance! The new half-height Uprights for the item work benches offer sufficient space for two shelf levels or several Pivot Arms. At an overall height of 1500 mm, operators can still see over the half-height Upright – unlike when working at a work bench with a full-height model.

Write it down, wipe it off! The whiteboard accessories complement Compound Material St, a panel element which also provides a surface that can be directly written on and used with magnets. Markers, Erasers and Cleaning Spray ensure optimum results. The Markers don’t smear – and everything can be wiped away com-pletely, without leaving a trace.

Half-height, open Table Uprights

Do you need picking and provisioning levels at the work bench but don’t need the full height of a complete Table Upright? Then half-height Table Uprights are the perfect alternative. Both profiles on the rear of the working surface are extended and used as a fixing for up to two shelf levels or for Pivot Arms. Table Upright K56 Open, half-height also includes an integrated cable conduit that can accommodate plugs and connections.

Whiteboard accessories

Write, wipe – clean! The whiteboard accessories from item are the perfect complement to Compound Material St, which is the basis for item whiteboards. The 2 mm thick panel element provides a surface that can be directly written on and used with magnets. It can be integrated into your structure or work bench in virtually any size you require. Its white surface can be written on to allow users to sketch out ideas or display information for everyone around. Thanks to its metallic sandwich construction, it also offers the ideal hold for magnets.

Grab Containers 8 105x130

Where are the small, medium and large washers? The coloured Grab Containers 8 105x130 make it easier than ever to distinguish between similar parts. Six colours are now available for clearly marking out what belongs where and customising work benches – blue, green, yellow, red, grey and black (ESD-safe).

New Products 2015/I ePaper

Explore the new products offered by item in this animated digital catalogue.

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