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Neuheiten MB Systembaukasten

New products: MB Building Kit System

Guard and protect: The robust item Collision Guard L protects racks in loading and transit areas from collisions. This mechanical covering for corner areas in line with German health and safety guidelines DGUV Regulation108-007 acts as a fixed guard to prevent vehicles driving into racks as they take a corner. Its black & yellow hazard markings make it a high-visibility guard unit.

Clean and stable: Using two new Profiles X, you can now build complete doors or cells – including centre struts – that are exceptionally easy to clean thanks to the continuous, unbroken surface of the profiles. There are no gaps where residues from cleaning agents and cloths can accumulate.

Profiles X 8 80x40

Do you need a door that is stable or a cell with an easy-clean exterior? Thanks to these two Profiles X, the solution is simple.

Three of the six grooves on Profile X 8 80x40 3N90 light – oriented around 90° – are closed. This gives it the perfect geometry for use as an external strut – both horizontally and vertically.

Automatic-Fastening Set 8 N, stainless

When higher standards of cleanliness need to be met and cleaning has to be easy, profiles with closed grooves are the best option. Automatic-Fastening Set 8 N, stainless is the ideal complement. It creates a secure, strong connection between profiles. It also leaves the closed surface as intact as possible and is resistant to cleaning agents.

Angle Bracket Sets 8

Angle Bracket Sets 8 create a friction-based connection between profiles, with no machining required. They are therefore frequently used to provide additional reinforcement for profile connections. The enclosed Cap covers over the screw heads to make cleaning easier. It also enhances the harmonious appearance of structures.

Magnetic Door Stop for Clamp Profile 8 32x18

Making sure doors keep themselves shut: The Magnetic Door Stop for Clamp Profile 8 32x18 is the ideal complement to Clamp Profile 8 32x18, which can be used to build windows and doors with especially narrow frames. Clamping springs in a special groove on the Clamp Profile hold the panel elements steady and firmly in place.

Cable Entry Protector K76 with Sealing Brush

The simplest way to route cables out of the item Installation Column: Cable Entry Protector K76 with Sealing Brush creates a flexible opening that uses several layers of flexible polyamide bristles to keep dust out. Cables can be easily fed through the bristles.

Collision Guard L

According to DGUV Regulation 108-007 (previously BGR 234), when a rack is loaded from a forklift or other freely steerable machinery and/or is located on a route used by such machinery, its corner areas must be protected by a mechanical cover. The robust item Collision Guard L is anchored to the ground and acts as a fixed guard to stop vehicles colliding with the rack. The L-shaped Collision Guard is 405 mm high.

Adjustable Foot 8 PA, grey

Adjustable Foot 8 PA, grey is fitted to tables and lightweight equipment to compensate for uneven floor surfaces. The height of the foot is adjusted simply by turning the lower part. No tools are required.

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