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Neuheiten LP Systembaukasten

New products: LP Building Kit System

More speed, more strength! Use the new Castors from item to build transport trolleys for moving heavy loads safely. The Swivel and Fixed Castors in diameters D100, D125, D160 and D200 can carry up to 400 kg. Thanks to integrated double-brakes and optional additional Swivel Locks, the Castors can be tailored to a whole range of application scenarios.

More service, more individuality! Use Roller Tracks 100 D4 and the corresponding roller elements to design and build custom roller conveyors. Select the combination that best suits your needs and configure item Castor Rails 6 40x40 and 6 80x40 to your specifications. The roller elements and Roller Tracks can also be used as spare parts. No tools are required when replacing roller elements.

Swivel Castors
Swivel Castors with double brake
Fixed Castors

It’s time to set the wheels in motion! Building transport trolleys with high load-carrying capacities is now easier than ever thanks to Swivel and Fixed Castors from item. The new models satisfy the high requirements in industry and skilled trades. The robust Castors, available in diameters D100, D125, D160 and D200, are easy-running and ideally suited to typical transport tasks.

Swivel Lock D100/D125 140x110
Swivel Lock D160/D200 140x110

For keeping things on the straight and level: Transport trolleys with four Swivel Castors are easy to manoeuvre by hand, but are difficult to control when being towed in a train. To solve this problem, one pair of Castors has to be fixed to run straight ahead only. This can be achieved using the optional Swivel Lock for Swivel Castors D100, D125, D160 and D200, which temporarily converts a Swivel Castor into a Fixed Castor. Consequently, users benefit from the advantages of both concepts.

Castor D30/2-23
Roller D11-23

Just the way you like it! The tried-and-tested roller elements of the ready-to-install item Roller Conveyors 6 are also available separately. Design your own custom roller conveyor by combining a range of different roller elements.

Roller Track 100 D4-12.5

The sturdy Roller Tracks 100 D4 can be used to design custom roller conveyors. Roller Tracks are basically used to fix roller elements in Castor Rails 6 40x40 and 6 80x40. They are also used as spare parts for Roller Conveyors 6.

Castor Rail 80x40, Cap 80x40
Castor Rail 80x40, Cap 80x80

The perfect end to Castor Rail 6 80x40, a secure hold for Roller Tracks and protection against injuries. While Cap 80x40 seals a Castor Rail neatly, the larger 80x80 version also acts as a stop. The larger version also has a slot that can be used to attach an Impact Buffer.

Cap, Profile Tube 8 D30

Cap, Profile Tube 8 D30 covers over the end-face of Profile Tube 8 D30. It safely covers free profile ends and helps prevent injuries. It also adds an attractive finishing touch to the Profile Tube. The Cap is available in grey.

New Products 2015/I ePaper

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