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Neuheiten 2015/I

New Products 2015/I (Spring)

Systematic innovation – the new item products for spring 2015.

Make the most of better ergonomics and efficiency. Many of the latest new products from item have been developed as a result of talking to users about their needs and add key functions to the item building kit systems. Pick one of the sections below or browse through the new products catalogue – available here as a practical ePaper!

MB Building Kit System

Guard and protect! The new, robust Collision Guard L protects racks in loading and transit areas from collisions. This mechanical covering for corner areas acts as a kind of guard rail as per German health and safety guidelines DGUV Regulation 108-007. It stops fork lifts and transport trolleys from colliding with posts as they take a corner.

LP Building Kit System

It’s time to set the wheels in motion! The new item Swivel and Fixed Castors satisfy the high requirements in industry and the skilled trades. They are ideal for building transport trolleys for moving heavy loads safely. Using models with integrated double-brakes or optional additional Swivel Locks, the new Castors can be customised for a whole range of application scenarios.

Work Bench System

Half the height, all the performance! The new half-height Uprights for the item work benches offer sufficient space for two shelf levels or several Pivot Arms. At an overall height of 1500 mm, operators can still see over the half-height Upright – unlike when working at a work bench with a full-height model. This improves viewing conditions and communication in production.

New Products 2015/I ePaper

Explore the new products offered by item in this animated digital catalogue.

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