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Neuheiten Arbeitsplatzsystem

New products: Work Bench System

Experience item ergologistics! The new provisioning and picking concept takes into account all the interfaces involved when supplying work benches with tools and materials. It covers everything from the smooth transportation of small load carriers and semi-open fronted boxes to the ergonomic separation of small parts into Grab Containers or the new, large Grab Plate Profile. If unnecessary movement can be eliminated, productivity can be boosted.

Thanks to the new large Tray 8 ESD A, you can now efficiently organise the storage of semi-open fronted boxes and Euro-format containers. Small parts can be delivered straight to the work bench, where they can be stored for direct picking operations. The ergonomic components help ensure that personnel don’t suffer the effects of one-sided strain.


The material picking and provisioning system from item creates the perfect combination of ergonomics and intralogistics – ergologistics. Extremely stable Trays that fill the entire width of the work bench feature barrier-free transitions at the supply side to keep refilling operations running smoothly.

Compatibility with industry-standard container formats such as semi-open fronted boxes and Euro-format containers enables seamless integration into existing logistics scenarios.

Thanks to simple and comprehensive labelling options from the loading side through to the removal side and even on individual Grab Containers, operators can use label printers to ensure all storage areas and removal points are clearly marked, thereby safeguarding quality standards.

In terms of processes, a defined rebate for containers makes sure that even the smallest of parts are guided safely into ergonomically optimised sorting elements. Grab Containers that can be secured to the FIFO Tray or positioned anywhere on the table top and Table-width Grab Plate Profile 8 180x50 help to optimise process-based movement sequences.

When using the Supply Profile, material containers such as semi-open fronted boxes can also be manoeuvred into the perfect position within the operator’s reach without requiring a Tray – if necessary, Grab Container 8 105x130 can also be mounted to the Supply Profile.

Eliminating unnecessary movements helps to alleviate a considerable amount of strain from personnel and boost their productivity.

Trays 8 ESD A

Stable and large Trays 8 ESD A feature a carrying capacity of 200 kg and are ideal for table-width picking and provisioning and for storing numerous small load carriers, semi-open fronted boxes and/or workpieces. The fastening elements supplied allow both horizontal and angled installation. An all-round Line 8 groove can also be used to mount accessory components such as Grab Containers and Label Backplates.

There are three different versions to choose from when designing the perfect solution for your process.

Components for Trays

Perfect for taking a load off: Frame Profiles are used as a basis for strong Trays and large picking/provisioning shelves. Various designs can be created depending on which Profiles and fasteners are combined. Anything is possible – from the classic variant with an all-round edge to end-to-end picking and provisioning concepts.

The edge can be lowered on one or two sides to make restocking operations easier and/or to create a defined lip at the operator’s side. Grab Plate Profile and Tray Stop Profile are used with Grab 
Container 8 105x130 to create an ergonomic arrangement at the operator’s side. Industry-standard semi-open fronted boxes and Euro-format containers will jut out over the sorting zone formed by the Grab Plate Profile or Grab Containers. This makes it easy to pre-sort batches in this area. When combined with this ergonomic removal process, you can optimise process times.

Supply Profile 8 180x50

The solution for semi-open fronted boxes and Euro-format containers. Supply Profile 8 180x50 is simply slotted into a horizontal Line 8 groove. As a result, it is a user-friendly way to install a storage surface for accessing material containers directly. When two Supply Profiles are mounted side-by-side on a Profile 8 40x40 they produce a storage surface for Euro-format containers (400 mm) with an all-round edge. When fitted with Supply Profile 8 105x130, they offer an additional removal area directly in front of the containers.

Tray Stop Profile 8 50x10

Keep your materials flowing. Tray Stop Profile 8 50x10 is simply hung on a Line 8 groove and thus creates a defined barrier. This ensures that containers are held securely in place and that semi-open fronted boxes and crates with stacking edges jut out far enough to create a seamless transition for small materials to be sorted into Grab Containers 8 105x130. The direct removal of small parts is also ergonomically enhanced.

Grab Container 8 105x130

Keeping small parts in reach. Grab Container 8 105x130 is used as a sorting area directly in front of a semi-open fronted box or a crate with stacking edges. Thanks to the optimised shape of the removal edge and the ergonomic design of the container bottom, it is much easier for operators to separate out and pick very small parts. Compared to conventional methods that involve unnecessary movements and thus waste time, this picking concept demonstrably improves cycle times and therefore productivity.

The robust Grab Container made of reinforced plastic can be used in harsh industrial environments. It can also be removed if necessary and – when fitted with non-slip Buffers D11x5 sa – positioned in even closer reach on the working surface. There is also an ESD-safe version for use in areas where such functionality is required.

Grab Plate Profile 8 140x50

Grab Plate Profile 8 140x50 is used to create a single sorting shelf along the entire width of the bench in one easy move. This makes it easier to pick a whole range of small parts.

An ergonomic ribbed structure and an optimised removal edge speed up every picking action. Freely positionable Dividers can be used to split up the sorting shelf in line with the containers arranged above it. The Grab Plate Profile is slotted into a horizontal Line 8 groove and automatically forms a lip that fits the overhang from semi-open fronted boxes and Euro-format crates so that the Grab Plate Profile can be loaded accurately, easily and quickly.

The integrated labelling strip for labels that are 24 mm in height ensures users have a clear overview.

Storage System 8 120x60

Systematic order. Anything that is not in constant use, but is still required, can be safely stowed away in Storage Profile 8 120x60. Thanks to the movable Dividers, users can create additional order inside the continuous aluminium profile.

Components for the Storage System

Using the individual components that are available separately, you can design your own custom storage system to suit your specific requirements and the space that is available.

Cable Entry Protector, Lid 160 with Sealing Brush

Route cables in and out in record time! Thanks to Cable Entry Protector, Lid 160 with Sealing Brush, users can design flexible openings for cable conduits on a work bench. Cables are routed through the gentle and flexible polyamide bristles without having to drill additional holes.

The Cable Entry Protector is simply slotted on to the end of the lid. Consequently, the entryway can be implemented anywhere along the conduit. It can also be retrofitted. The bristles intermesh tightly to stop dust from getting into the cable conduit. All cables disappear into the conduit via the shortest route through the Cable Entry Protector.

New products 2014/II ePaper

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