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Neuheiten MB Systembaukasten

New products: MB Building Kit System

When using the new item Hinges, you will be able to build perfect doors, windows and hatches for machine bases like never before. You can even design secure doors with continuous hinge strips that cover the entire door gap. The relevant bolts are supplied with the new robust Hinge Leaf Profile V 8 z 18.

Alternatively, you can design flexible folding doors that offer a space-saving solution for opening up wide spaces. Thanks to the new Folding-Door Hinge Al, the narrow Clamp Profile 8 32x18 and Sliding-Door Guide Profile 8, you can construct easy-running doors with elements that fold up in a concertina formation when opened.

Hinges 8 Al for Clamp Profile 8 32x18

Better doors thanks to greater freedom for Clamp Profile 8 32x18! Clamp Profile is ideal for building stable, lightweight doors, guards, enclosures and sliding doors. Its particularly slim frame holds panel elements securely in place using Clamping Springs.

Hinge 8 Al for Clamp Profile 8 32x18 connects a frame made from Clamp Profiles 8 32x18 to a Line 8 profile. The strong door hinge is an ideal anchor for windows and folding doors.

Floor Bracket Sets 8 160x60 St

Holding level – Floor Bracket Set 8 160x60x40 St and Floor Bracket Set 8 160x60x80 St are a stable addition to the item range of supporting feet. They anchor frames securely to the ground and allow precise levelling. The Floor Brackets are screwed to the Line 8 groove in a profile, which means they allow very straightforward height adjustment. An item adjustable foot can be used to fine-tune the level of a structure. This means that uneven floors need not present a problem.

Synchronising Set GSF 8 40 R10

Synchronising Set GSF 8 40 R10 combines two Linear Units GSF 8 40 to form one functional unit. A synchroniser shaft transmits the torque of the motor to both units.

Synchroniser Shaft Cover Set GSF 8 40 R10

For safety reasons, Synchroniser Shaft Cover Set GSF 8 40 R10 should be used to enclose the synchroniser shaft between two Linear Units GSF 8 40 so that material cannot become entangled in the rotating tube.

Tube D16x1.5 St

A steel Tube for transmitting torque to two Linear Units GSF 8 40 synchronously. Maximum speed restrictions must be observed as appropriate to the length of the synchroniser shaft.

New products 2014/II ePaper

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