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Neuheiten Profilrohrsystem D30

New products: LP Building Kit System

Welcome to the new lean movement! Drawbar D25-686 connects carriages to allow you to move more products in a train. The self-lifting Drawbar is particularly ergonomic and features a stable spring that constantly pushes the Drawbar up so that users can use their feet – and spare their backs – when coupling and uncoupling carriages.

Plain Bearing D40/D30 makes low-cost automation (LCA) easier than ever. Thanks to Plain Bearings, users can now build frames with elements that can be rotated and moved. This simplifies manual activities such as loading and unloading and returning empty containers.

The innovative Roller Conveyor 6 also keeps work moving fast. It is now available with wider rollers that are ideal for transporting crates and boxes with uneven or soft bottoms. New Fastening Brackets make the Roller Conveyor even more secure and ensure a stable hold.

Profile Tube 8 D30

Double the connectivity – Profile Tube D30 with an integrated Line 8 groove from the MB Building Kit System. That makes it easier than ever to utilise accessories from both building kit systems in a single frame. The special geometry supports the connection of Fasteners D30 on three sides. A Line 8 groove is open to enable connection of components from the MB Building Kit System.

Profile Tube 8 D30 saves on installation space and storage costs because components in the MB Building Kit System and Work Bench System can be fastened to it without the need for an adapter. Among other things, Profile Tube 8 D30 is ideal for adding elements such as Grab Containers 8 105x130 and Tray Stop Profile 8 50x10 (0.0.664.31) onto a trolley built using D30 profiles.

Plain Bearing D40/D30-50 ESD

Turning on a pin. Plain Bearings D40/D30 are the basis for low-cost automation (LCA). Plain Bearings support a rotating motion because Profile Tube D40/D30 encompasses the loadbearing D30 profile and can be rotated around its longitudinal axis without generating friction. The Plain Bearing Sleeve is made of maintenance-free plastic that exhibits a low coefficient of friction and excellent rigidity.

Profile Tube D40/D30

Profile Tube D40/D30 is used as a bearing component in combination with Plain Bearing Sleeve D40/D30. It is slotted over a Tube or Profile Tube D30. Thanks to the external profile structure, it can be connected to any D30 component using Fasteners, even despite its larger diameter.

Locking Ring D30

Locking Ring D30 secures the position of the Plain Bearing D40/30 along its axis. This design measure has to be used to secure the position of the bearing because of the minimal friction on the support profile.

Butt Fasteners D30

The alternatives to a right angle: Butt Fasteners make Profile Tube System D30 even more versatile. Do you need to extend a profile, create rounded corners or chamfer a frame? Then there are creative and strong fasteners to help you do just that by connecting Profile Tubes D30 via their end faces.

For direct connections at a diagonal: Following on from 30° and 60°, there is now a happy medium in the form of Butt Fastener D30-45°. For example, this fastener can be used to design octagonal table tops.

Roller Conveyor 6 80x40 E D30

The innovative Roller Conveyor 6 is now also available in double width! The larger contact surface on Roller Conveyor 6 80x40 offers additional support for goods with uneven or soft bases. It is ideal when using small load carriers with honeycombed bases or cardboard boxes. Roller Conveyor 6 80x40 E D30 is supplied pre-configured with D30 roller elements and in the desired length. Simply unpack and install! Replacing individual roller elements is easy, as no tools are required. Aluminium Guide Rails can be fitted to keep goods on track. They are simply pushed into the groove on the side of the Castor Rail profile, which also increases the rigidity of the conveyor line. Slide Strips made of PE-HD can then be fitted to protect against scratches and absorb impacts. They are clipped onto the Guide Rails.

Castor Rail 6 80x40 E

Castor Rail 6 80x40 E is the basis for Roller Conveyor 6 80x40 E D30, which is delivered fully assembled. Two Line 6 grooves on the underside are used to create a friction-based connection with the frame. Castor Rail 6 80x40 E is extremely rigid and can be used to build long conveyor lines. Guide Rails along the sides keep transported goods on track. The Roller Conveyor uses Rollers that are 63 mm wide. Roller Conveyor 6 40x40 E D30 is available as a narrower alternative.

Roller D30-63

Robust and easy-running 63 mm-wide Roller. This roller element can be used to configure a custom Castor Rail 6 80x40 E or as a replacement for damaged roller elements in Roller Conveyor 6 80x40 E D30.

Axle D4x69

Stable Axle made of stainless steel for Roller D30-63 and Roller D30-63 ESD.

Roller Conveyor 6 80x40 Fastening Brackets D30
Roller Conveyor 6 80x40 Fastening Brackets D30 with Stop H43

A stable hold at every angle: Roller Conveyor 6 80x40 Fastening Bracket D30 is used to fasten Roller Conveyor 6 80x40 to a D30 profile. The Roller Conveyor is secured by two T-Slot Nuts, which creates a very secure connection. This means that roller conveyors can increase the stability of a frame by acting as load-bearing elements.

Roller Conveyor 6 80x40 Fastening Bracket D30 is a simple means of securing a conveyor to any frame. Roller Conveyor 6 80x40 Fastening Bracket D30 with Stop H43 can be used to create a robust end point. The raised stop secures crates and prevents them falling off.

Roller Conveyor 6 Al Fastening Bracket U D30
Roller Conveyor 6 Al Fastening Bracket I D30

When two Roller Conveyors 6 with different gradients are to be connected together, Roller Conveyors 6 80x40 Al Fastening Bracket U D30 and I D30 are the solution. They hold the Castor Rails in place and together ensure that crates have a gentle and secure transition from one section to the next.

Back Stop D2.8-25
Back Stop D4-23

More safety when moving goods and materials! Back Stops make sure that crates and goods move in only one direction on roller conveyors. They also ensure that inertial forces don’t cause loads to slip off trolleys when they are being moved. What’s more, they stop users accidentally pushing goods out the back of a rack when manually loading more goods at the front. Back Stops are a recommended addition for any roller conveyor that utilises automated loading and picking mechanisms and for mobile racks and frames.

Drawbar D25-686

From a trolley to a train! Drawbar D25-686 links transport trolleys together or can form a connection with a tugger – so that more products can be moved than ever before.

The Drawbar is available in two designs with safety functions and useful accessories. Drawbar D25-686, Self-Lifting is particularly ergonomic and back-friendly. A stable spring continuously pushes the Drawbar up, which has two benefits: It ensures it is easy to couple and uncouple the Drawbar using your foot. There is no need to bend over awkwardly or carry out any complicated fastening sequence. When uncoupled, the Drawbar automatically folds up to clear the working area.

Spring Clip D30/30-32

Now you see it, now you don’t – Spring Clip D30/30-32 is the easy way to stow tools in close reach and can even hold Profiles D30 on a temporary basis.

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