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Neuheiten Baureihe XMS

New products: Line XMS

Partition Profile K56 K – XMS from Line XMS divides a single cable conduit into two separate sections. This is ideal when power and signal cables have to be routed separately but need to be laid in the same, integrated cable conduit of Profiles XMS.

Partition Profile K56 K – XMS
Partition Profile Clip K56 K – XMS

In mechanical and factory equipment engineering, it is often important to keep power cables separate from signal and control cables. When it isn’t possible to route cables through separate conduits on a frame built from XMS profiles, Partition Profile K56 K – XMS is the solution. It can be used to quickly and easily create separate sections inside a single Profile X 8 120x120 K56.

The continuous plastic strip is simply laid in the integrated cable conduit of the profile and locked in place using Partition Profile Clip K56 K – XMS. This ensures that the Partition Profile cannot move out of place and prevents vertically laid cables from falling out.

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