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Neuheiten 2014/II

New products 2014/II (Autumn)

Systematic innovation – new item products for 2014/ II

MB Building Kit System

When using the new item Hinges, you will be able to build perfect doors, windows and hatches for machine bases like never before. You can even design secure doors with continuous hinge strips that cover the entire door gap. The relevant bolts are supplied with the new robust Hinge Leaf Profile V 8 z 18.

Line XMS

Partition Profile K56 K – XMS from Line XMS divides a single cable conduit into two separate sections. This is ideal when power and signal cables have to be routed separately but need to be laid in the same, integrated cable conduit of Profiles XMS.

Work Bench System

Experience item ergologistics! The new provisioning and picking concept takes into account all the interfaces involved when supplying work benches with tools and materials. It covers everything from the smooth transportation of small load carriers and semi-open fronted boxes to the ergonomic separation of small parts into Grab Containers or the new, large Grab Plate Profile. If unnecessary movement can be eliminated, productivity can be boosted.

LP Building Kit System

Welcome to the new lean movement! Drawbar D25-686 connects carriages to allow you to move more products in a train. The self-lifting Drawbar is particularly ergonomic and features a stable spring that constantly pushes the Drawbar up so that users can use their feet – and spare their backs – when coupling and uncoupling carriages.

Automation System

The item Automation System is a comprehensive turnkey solution for linear technology. It comprises ready-to-install Linear Units that are delivered with drive elements, slides and accessories included. Install and go – automation really can be that easy.

New products 2014/II ePaper

Explore the new products offered by item in this animated digital catalogue.

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