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Neuheiten Arbeitsplatzsysteme

New products: Work Bench System

Make your work even more productive with the item Pivot Arms! Pre-configured solutions are available for three applications. The angle-adjustable Tray Pivot Arm for boxes and workpieces, the Container Pivot Arm for Parts Containers and the Tool Pivot Arm, which offers a huge range of fastening options. All three models come in two variants – a Double Pivot Arm for more reach and a single Pivot Arm with a higher load-carrying capacity of 40 kg.

Pivot Arms

The item Pivot Arms are exceptionally accommodating. They position tools, Euro-format containers, item Parts Containers, simple semi-open fronted boxes and other materials precisely where they are needed. Three pre-configured models are available, each in both a single and double pivot arm variant, to make work benches more productive and reduce the strain on employees.

The Double Pivot Arm variant of each of the models offers a long reach, optimum positioning options thanks to three axles and a load-carrying capacity of up to 250 N. The two-axle Pivot Arms feature a higher load-carrying capacity of 400 N.

Tray Pivot Arm 8 80-370
Tray Double Pivot Arm 8 80-695

This tray is always there when you need it and can disappear when you don’t. The Tray Pivot Arm allows users to position a handy storage area precisely where they want it. It is on hand for the storage of crates, workpieces or tools.

Tray Double Pivot Arm 8 80-695 has three vertical joints and can carry a total load weighing 25 kg. With a total of three axles, this model boasts a wide range of movement that means it can be positioned to suit the operator’s reach.
Tray Pivot Arm 8 80-370 can carry a total load weighing up to as much as 40 kg.

The all-round edging made of aluminium profile stops objects slipping off, even when the tray (usable surface: 410 x 310 mm) is tilted using the series-standard angle adjustment mechanism. The tilt adjustment mechanism ensures that users can always see the contents of the tray clearly and can pick and return objects with the greatest of ease.

Container Pivot Arm 8 80-370
Container Double Pivot Arm 8 80-695

Employees who work with screws, nuts and other small parts will find the item Container Pivot Arm the perfect helping hand. Parts Containers and semi-open fronted boxes can be securely hung on the arm’s four support profiles and work materials can be changed with ease. Because the support profiles feature ribs in different thicknesses, the Pivot Arm is compatible with semiopen fronted boxes from a range of manufacturers.

Friction-adjustable joints and the tilting function on the four support profiles ensures that containers can be perfectly positioned to suit the operator’s reach. The Container Double Pivot Arm 8 80 695 can handle a total load of 25 kg. Thanks to its three joint axles, the Pivot Arm can be positioned at the ideal distance from the user and at the perfect angle.

Container Pivot Arm 8 80-370 features two joints, which makes it more robust and means it can carry a weight of 40 kg. The four support profiles of the Container Pivot Arm are height adjustable for compatibility with a range of container sizes.

Tool Pivot Arm 8 80-370
Tool Double Pivot Arm 8 80-695

Making sure everything has a place: The item Tool Pivot Arm features four support profiles, each with Line 8 grooves, that can be used to mount a wide range of accessories. The item holder range offers a wide selection of fixtures – Hooks, Holders, Tool Holders, Bottle Holders, Magnetic Holders, etc. The Tool Pivot Arm will keep everything stowed safely and securely – but always in easy reach.

Friction settings can also be fine-tuned at all the joints to provide a safe and user-friendly means of keeping tools perfectly positioned for retrieval. Because the support profiles can be moved up or down, they can be adjusted to accommodate tools of various sizes. With grooves on all sides of the profiles, the Pivot Arm is exceptionally versatile and can even be fitted with tools on both sides. As a result, users can switch from one set of tools to another in seconds, simply by turning the tool holder 180°.

Tool Pivot Arm 8 80-370 holds tools and equipment up to a total weight of 40 kg. Tool Double Pivot Arm 8 80-695 offers additional freedom of movement, thereby allowing users to configure an even more personalised and ergonomically flawless system that can carry a total load of 25 kg.

ESD-safe Tray

These universal Trays create order and ensure reliable workflows. Various sizes based on Euro-format containers are available and ensure optimum compatibility with intralogistics systems.

The stable all-round edging holds goods and tools securely in place in mobile internal transport applications and in material supply systems based on the FIFO principle. At the same time, the Line 8 groove can be used to attach handles or labels to ensure storage and removal locations are clearly identifiable.

Shelf 8 with Raised Edge

Even after the most thorough planning, you can often find further down the line that you need additional surface area. Thanks to Shelf 8 with Raised Edge, adding that extra surface area couldn’t be easier. No additional installation or machining steps are required – simply unpack it and slot it into place – job done!

You can then set down your high-quality tools, measurement devices and other materials on a safe and secure surface. This keeps your actual working surface clear, while the all-round edging on the shelf stops objects dropping off. Thanks to the use of Line 5 grooves on the shelf profile and front edge, Line 5 profiles can be used to implement supports and partitions to create additional order. Two different sizes with an overhang of up to 320 mm and a load-carrying capacity of 50 kg mean the Shelf can even be used to store A4 folders.

New products 2014/I ePaper

Explore the new products offered by item in this animated digital catalogue.