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Neuheiten MB Systembaukasten

New products: MB Building Kit System

At last – every connection point exactly where you need it! The item Installation Column is the perfect solution for fitting out production areas and other workspaces with connection points for power, compressed air and network access. The stable column incorporates two large cable conduits. Sockets, switches and jacks can be simply clipped into the column openings. Once you’ve laid your cables and installed your connection points, you can then seal the open conduits with a smooth aluminium profile.

Two Line 8 grooves on each of the four sides offer ideal attachment points for light fittings, Pivot Arms and other accessories, thereby enhancing the productivity of the Installation Column in a whole variety of ways.

The column also includes two internal aluminium ducts designed to convey compressed air. The Pneumatic Connecting Set can be installed at any height on the column so that connections for compressed-air tools can be installed at the ideal position. Partition Profiles can be used to subdivide each cable conduit into two separate sections. This ensures that high and low voltage lines can be kept safely apart.

The column is held securely in place by the solid Base Plate and the versatile Ceiling Mount, which offers height adjustment options and makes it easier to introduce cables and lines.

Installation Column Profile 8 160x160 K76

Power, compressed air, data network access – all from a single, central point. The item Installation Column Profile is a robust and versatile solution for routing supply lines right up to workstations.

The sturdy Installation Column Profile features two large cable conduits that can each be divided in two using Partition Profiles K76 K to route high and low voltage lines separately in line with EN 50174.

Partition Profile K76 K
Partition Profile Clip K76 K

Partition Profile K76 K is used in Installation Column Profile 8 160x160 K76 to ensure that low-voltage cables (network, data, etc.) are routed separately to cables carrying high operating voltages. Routing the cables through separate conduits in line with the installation guidelines in EN 50174 reduces the chance of interference.

Partition Profile K76 K is clipped into place in the central groove of the installation conduit, with no need for machining work. The plastic profile creates two continuous conduits.

Additional stability is provided by Partition Profile Clip K76, which is rolled into the conduit opening and clipped into place to prevent deflection of the Partition Profile. The Clip also ensures that cables routed over long stretches cannot slip out of their section of the conduit.

Cover Profile 76 Al
Locking Clip St

This aluminium profile seals the cable conduit of Installation Column Profile 8 160x160 K76. It is held securely in dedicated grooves by Locking Clips and does not require any screw fixings. The conduit can be reopened just as easily to permit maintenance work.

Cover Profile 76 Al can be cut to length easily to make space for sockets and connections.

Note: Locking Clips are used to secure the Cover Profile in place and create an electrical contact with the lower part of the column. Each segment of the Cover Profile must be secured with at least four Locking Clips. We recommend using six Locking Clips to secure profile lengths measuring from 1000 mm to 2000 mm and at least eight for lengths of over 2000 mm. The Locking Clips ensure that the Cover Profile is earthed.

Ceiling Mount, Installation Column Profile
Base Plate, Installation Column Profile

The Ceiling Mount makes the Installation Column even more stable. It secures the column to the ceiling and is also used for height adjustment.

The Ceiling Mount for the Installation Column Profile comprises the fastening plate for the ceiling and two U-shaped profiles made from steel sheet. These profiles are anchored in the Line 8 grooves of the item Installation Column, which means that the gap between the top of the column and the ceiling can be varied. This design makes it much easier to route cables and supply lines via the ceiling.

The stable Base Plate ensures the item Installation Column is securely fixed.

Installation Column accessories

Fitting Sockets and Switches to the item Installation Column couldn’t be easier or quicker. Simply plug the desired Mounting Box for one, two or three installation elements into the cable conduit opening, insert and connect up the relevant connection and clip the Face Plate into place. That’s all it takes to get sockets, network connections and other elements ready for use.

The item accessories range covers all typical application areas – protective contact sockets, couplings for CEE three-phase plug connectors, RJ45 network connections and switches. On request, item can also provide installation elements for additional applications.

Mounting Box K76

Mounting Box for individual Sockets, Switches and connections on the item Installation Column Profile. Simply insert the front-locking Mounting Box at any point on the cable conduit. The lower part of the Mounting Box can be folded back and even removed so that cables can be connected quickly. The feed openings are designed to accommodate cables up to 14 mm in diameter. The screw fastenings are spaced 60 mm apart.

Because the internal dimensions comply with DIN 49073 Part 1, it is compatible with conventional installation devices such as sockets and switches with a gauge of 71mm.

Mounting Boxes K76 M45

The universal solution for fitting M45 installation devices to the item Installation Column Profile. The front-locking Mounting Box can be inserted at any point on the cable conduit. The lower part of the Mounting Box can be folded back and even removed so that cables can be connected quickly. The feed openings are designed to accommodate cables up to 14 mm in diameter.

The Mounting Boxes have been designed to support the speedy installation of Sockets, Switches and connections based on the Modul 45 (M45) system.

Sockets 33° M45

The earthed Socket with enhanced shock protection is mounted on the item Installation Column Profile using Mounting Box K76 M45. The 2-pole connection is designed for standard conditions (16 A and 250 V alternating current). The contact arrangement is offset by 33 degrees.

The front-locking Schuko (protective earth) flush-mounted socket features connection terminals to IEC 60884-1.

Face Plate M45 with Labelling Panel

The perfect cover for Sockets, Switches and connection points. The front-locking Face Plate fits over Mounting Boxes K76 M45. The integrated labelling panel makes service work easier.

The Face Plates are available in two colours. It is important to select the correct size for your Mounting Boxes – one, two or three gang.

ON/OFF Switch

Changeover Switch for use with Mounting Boxes K76 M45. The 2-pole Switch is designed for alternating current with 16 A and 250 V.

Keystone Module / Keystone Module Housing

The connection module with an RJ45 connector for networks complies with Cat. 6A. This ensures optimum shielding against interference from other devices. An EMC shield hood is included as standard to enhance electromagnetic compatibility. The module with keystone fastening frame comes with a dust cover and cable tie.

The Keystone Module Housing with angled outlet can accommodate two RJ45 connectors. Sliding covers keep dust out of the sockets when not in use. The Keystone Module Housing is mounted on the item Installation Column using a Mounting Box K76 M45. The clip-in fastening ensures that sockets can be fitted horizontally and vertically plumb.

Installation Unit M45 2 HP

The Installation Unit accommodates automatic circuit-breakers or RCD protection switches up to a maximum of 2 HP. Accessories and all necessary fastening elements are supplied, such as Mounting Box K76 M45, which is used to attach the unit to the item Installation Column. A mounting rail, cover housing and Face Plate are also included in the set. Only the required protective device needs to be added.

CEE Socket

The CEE three-phase current socket is supplied with all the accessories needed to fit it to the item Installation Column. The CEE socket is designed for 400 V and 16 A.

Strain Relief Device, Mounting Box K76

The Strain Relief device offers additional support for cables and connections in all Mounting Boxes.

It is simply clipped into place over the 14 mm cable diameter feed opening.

Earth Connection, Installation Column Profile

When malfunctions occur, metallic parts can become live. The Earth Connection should therefore be used on Installation Column Profile 8 160x160 K76 to ensure that any current is safely dissipated. It is inserted in the track to the side of the central groove in the cable conduit. The screw connection breaks through the insulating anodized surface covering of the aluminium profile to ensure that residual currents and static charges can be safely dissipated.

Pneumatic Connecting Set 8 160x40 G1/2
Vent Coupling G1/2 ND 7.2

Working under pressure isn't a problem with the item Installation Column and Pneumatic Connecting Set 8 160x40 G1/2. The G1/2 threaded bore to ISO 228-1 accommodates standard compressed air couplings. The mounting plate is fitted to the side of the Installation Column Profile, at any height. A hole also has to be drilled through to the integrated compressed air duct in the Installation Column Profile. The corresponding drill template is included in the scope of supply.

Vent Coupling G1/2 is used to connect devices. It is screwed to the Connecting Set to create a standard connection for tools, etc.

Threaded Nozzle G1/2 for Hose 9 mm

The Threaded Nozzle creates a tight connection between a central compressed-air line and the integrated compressed air duct of the item Installation Column Profile.

Multi-Purpose Pliers with 90° Stop

Never again cut slanting edges – Multi-Purpose Pliers with 90° Stop can cut through rubber, plastic and even thin aluminium profiles. The integrated stop makes it easier to cut products to length at a right angle. As a result, there is usually no need to mark a cutting line. To keep edges perfect, the lateral support and anvil stop soft materials bending.

The blade is longer than on conventional multi-purpose pliers. Together with the long, sheathed grip, this ensures that a great deal of force can be applied to cut through strong materials.

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