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The ergonomic work bench system.

Experience innovation – the new item products for 2013.

When you work hard, equipment that makes things easier is always welcome. And with the practical new heightadjustable Arm Rest, an ingenious solution is always close to hand. The Arm Rest offers comfortable support that enables high-precision, fatigue-free work, even over long periods. Similarly, an additional Compound Slide on your item work bench Overhang enables you to keep even more tools in easy reach.

Base Plate/Transport Plate 8 160x60
Cap 8 160x60

The crowning finish: Profile 8 160x60 4N E now has its own Base Plate/Transport Plate and Cap, making it ideal for building customised tables.

The Base Plate/Transport Plate features a thread that can be used to connect Adjustable Feet or ring bolts. The robust plastic Cap offers a secure and durable means of covering the top end of the profile.

Arm Rest, Height-Adjustable

When it comes to fingertip precision, intricate assembly work can put a lot of long-term strain on an operator’s muscles, as he has to keep his arms as still as possible. The ergonomic item Arm Support offers relief when work requires a steady hand.

Magnetic Holder D70

Magnetic Holder D70 makes it easier to set down tools and store small, ferrous parts. This insert for Holder Support D70 / D70-30° and Holder Console D70  offers an intuitive solution for keeping frequently used tools close to hand. The insert can be rotated to alter the surface angle for better ergonomic results. However, raised bumps arranged in a circle keep tools in place. The things that matter are always in easy reach.

Hook 8 R30

The double hook for when things get a little shaky: Hammers, screwdrivers and pliers can be safely stored between the two non-slip wire prongs, ready for their next use. Just hanging out, but still ready for action at a moment’s notice – the new look for ergonomics!

Label Backplate, Hook and Holder System

It really is that easy to create order: Clear labelling makes sure tools are always put back where they belong. Label Backplates can be retrofitted to any fastening block from the item hook and holder system (see also "Work Bench System" catalogue).

Simply affix a label, clip the Backplate into place and enjoy the benefits of good organisation.

Monitor Mounting Joint 8 VESA 75-100

Strong support for all: Monitor Mounting Joint 8 VESA 75-100 makes it incredibly easy to fix just about any flatscreen monitor to a profile construction. The adapter plate is compatible with displays that feature a VESA 75 or VESA 100 connection and have threaded bores spaced 75 x 75 mm on the rear (or 100 x 100 mm in the case of larger monitors).

The two friction pivot axes ensure users can adjust monitors weighing up to 11 kg horizontally and vertically to achieve the ideal viewing angle.

Compound Slide

What could be better than an item work bench with a Compound Slide Overhang? A work bench with two Compound Slides! Simply insert another Compound Slide into an existing Compound Slide Overhang and users can manoeuvre another tool easily across the entire working surface, making sure their tools are always close to hand. The additional Compound Slide now provides even more flexibility in two directions of movement!

Slide Stop 8

The soft buffer insert in Slide Stop 8 absorbs the impact energy of a fast-moving Runner in an item Line 8 profile groove. Simply slot into place for a bit more peace and quiet, even when tools are being put through their paces.

Detailed information on our new products can be found in our online catalogue.

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