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New products - MB Building Kit system

New products: MB Building Kit System

The latest new products in the MB Building Kit System have really picked up the pace. Take, for example, our easy-install cable conduit – simply press it onto a Line 8 groove and it stays in place, no drills or screws required. Clip 8 takes Conduit Profile K up a gear. The same goes for the new Retaining Bracket 8 40x16, which when combined with slim Profile 8 40x16 produces shelving unit partitions that keep goods in place but can also be removed in an instant.

Profile KH 8 80x40

The logical progression for innovative Profiles 8 KH!

The enlarged cross-section of Profile KH 8 80x40 exhibits added bending strength and enables users to build frames with higher load-carrying capacities. Six grooves offer fastening options on all sides.

Profiles 8 KH are based on an innovative composite material that is 70 percent wood fibre. They are neutral as regards magnetic fields and electrically insulating. This makes them the ideal complement to aluminium profiles.

Key with T-Handle TX30

The key with a very special job: It is used with the self-tapping screws in Standard-Fastening Set KH 8. Thanks to its ergonomic T-handle with soft-touch surfaces, Key TX 30 makes easy work of connecting together profiles.

Panel Fixing Profile 8

Stronger! Easier to use! Long-term cushioning! Panel Fixing Profile 8 is the advanced solution for holding panels and panel elements in thicknesses of 6 mm in a Line 8 groove.

The inherently stable shape is exceptionally easy to press into the profile groove, covers the edges and prevents direct contact between the panel and the aluminium profile. The flexible plastic cushions vibrations and prevents rattling and clattering. Panel Fixing Profile 8 also provides a durable seal for the groove and safely covers over cut edges where previously closed profile grooves have been opened up.

Brush Strips 8

Brush Strips 8 are genuine all-rounders. They cover door gaps, keeping out air currents, dust and noise. These flexible but robust brushes protect goods and profiles alike from damage caused by friction and impacts. One less thing to worry about when it comes to moving goods. The plastic also reduces problematic vibrations, which makes the Brush Strips ideal for use as dampening features.

Retaining Bracket 8 40x16

Now you see it, now you don’t! This secure Retaining Bracket can be used to turn Profiles 8 40x16 into dividers or barriers that keep containers and objects in place on shelves. Profiles are simply snapped in from above to stop the contents of a shelf sliding off.

The stable bracket holds the partition firmly in place. However, it handles more than just transverse forces – the integrated snap-in fixing prevents rattling and stops the Profile from coming out of the Bracket, even when subjected to the stresses and strains of a bumpy ride.

Tool Slide 40x40

Tool Slide 40x40 is used in combination with Runway Profile 8 40x40. The quadruple ball-bearing Tool Slide makes it exceptionally easy for users to move tools or fixtures to where they are needed. The Limit Stop buffers ensure the slide is brought to a gentle stop.

RS Slat Profile K/Al
RS Slat Sliding Shoe K/Al

The new look for plastic roller shutters: Each slat is lined with sheet aluminium. As a result, the roller shutters combine the best of both worlds: The two-component plastic ensures stability and flexibility, which is important when travelling around bends. The elegant aluminium lining of the slats provides additional rigidity and an outstanding appearance. As a result, the roller shutter runs smoothly and is easy to clean.

RS Slat Sliding Shoes K/Al also reduce friction and keep the roller shutter running right on track. They are fastened to every second slat.

RS Slat Profile K/Al replaces the previous K model.

Ratchet Wrench 1/4" and 3/8"

The item family of tools is perfectly geared up for work with profiles and fastening elements. The Ratchet Wrenches with integrated scratch protection safeguard the immaculate profile surfaces. The robust plastic sheathing (PA) stops metal coming into contact with metal. Screws can also be tightened and loosened faster, since users don’t have to constantly shift their grip on the ratchet wrenches in the same way as when using standard keys.

Key Inserts

Working in the profile groove takes more time and effort than usual when using the wrong tool since, depending on the fastener, you’ll need to change your grip on the key frequently. Key Inserts from item feature long wrenches and special head shapes. They enable optimum power transmission whether they’re used vertically or at an angle.

Socket Wrench Insert 13 A/F-3/8"

The robust Socket Wrench Insert 13 A/F-3/8″ for tightening nuts. Compatible with the item Ratchet Wrench with scratch protection. The Socket Wrench Insert is ideal for tightening Automatic Flat and Angle Bracket Sets 8.

For making strong profile connections in the flick of a wrist – no machining required.

Detailed information on our new products can be found in our online catalogue.

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