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New Products - Line D30

LPS - Line D30

Line D30 keeps you connected. Adapter 8 80 D30 makes light work of fastening D30 struts to Line 8 profile grooves, e.g. when bracing frames. And, by linking together roller conveyors to form a single continuous track, Roller Conveyor St, Butt Fastener means your transport lines can just keep on going. Roller Conveyor St, Assembly Pliers also make it easier than ever to insert or remove the castors in a roller conveyor profile.

Tube Protector D30 Fixing Clip

Safe and sound. The Fixing Clip holds Tube Protector D30 together when users have had to split it open for installation purposes (for example when Tube Protector has to be retrofitted to an existing frame structure). It’s the Fixing Clip that will hold it together after installation.

Adapter 8 80 D30

This Adapter has just one goal – to make it as easy as possible to connect Fasteners D30 to Line 8 profile grooves. Adapter 8 80 D30 enables users to add one or two D30 struts to a profile frame for extra rigidity. If only one Fastener D30 is connected, Adapter 8 80 D30 provides an added advantage – the connection can be adjusted as necessary. It’s the lean approach to ensuring attachments (e.g. a Container Support) can be easily adjusted!

Flange D30-90x90

The universal fastening for Line D30 profiles and tubes is here! Flange D30 connects D30 constructions to walls, floors, ceilings and other surfaces. Simply screw into place. And it holds.

When using Adapter 8 D30 or End Connector 8 D30-90°, one or even two (Profile) Tubes D30 can be fastened to the Flange. The additional use of Parallel Fastener D30 produces exceptionally stable basic constructions.

Roller Conveyor St, Butt Fastener

No end in sight! The Butt Fastener combines separate Roller Conveyors St D30 into a single continuous line. It also enables users to combine different variants in a single roller conveyor line.

Simply insert the ends of the conveyors into either end of the Butt Fastener. Use self-tapping screws to fasten the roller conveyors in place. The result is a strong, space-saving extension for a Roller Conveyor St D30. You decide where the conveyor line stops.

Roller Conveyor St, Assembly Pliers

The Assembly Pliers give you more room to manoeuvre by forcing the flanks of Roller Conveyor St apart slightly, making it easier to remove and replace castors.

Detailed information on our new products can be found in our online catalogue.

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