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New products - Line XMS

New products: Line XMS – the integrated machine concept

When it comes to modular series-based production, Line XMS is the solution for short development times. The new Mounting Set XMS, Multi-Socket Power/Distribution Strip uses the integrated cable conduits of Profiles XMS to secure power supplies safely inside constructions.

item wins the "German Design Award 2014"

The award for the best German product in the product and communication design category has gone to Solingen this year, too. Following on from the success of the award-winning Profile XMS, item has once again emerged as the best of the best in this prestigious competition. The German Design Council deliberated over a total of 1,900 entries to select the best 100 products from 10 categories, and chose Line XMS from item.

Line XMS has won the international "iF product design award 2013".

Profile X 8 40x16 light

A stylish addition to Line X: The slim Profile X 8 40x16 light is used to fasten rebates, holders for Proximity Switches and other attachments to XMS machine frames and constructions built from Profiles X 8. The perfect marriage of form and function – no space or material wasted.

Conduit Profile K

Simply clip Conduit Profile K, which is made of high-strength plastic, into any Line 8 groove and the cable conduit is ready for use – no machining, no screws. When fastening to any other surfaces, the conduit can be screwed directly into place. The shape of Conduit Profiles K matches the contours of Profiles 8, making them the ideal complement to Line 8 profiles and the integrated cable conduits of Profiles 8.

Accessories for conduits K

Installing a cable conduit couldn’t be easier: First, slide or push Clip 8 Conduit Profile K into Conduit Profile K. Second, simply press the clip into a Line 8 groove – and that’s it! It’s quick, clean, there’s no machining involved and the installation can be reconfigured at a later date. Cable conduits can be fitted parallel to a groove or at a right angle across it.

The swivel-in catches are also extremely useful, stopping cables and hoses falling out of Conduit Profiles K – even in upright and overhead installations. Additional cables and hoses can simply be pushed into the conduits.

Mounting Set XMS, Multi-Socket Power/Distribution Strips

It holds! This Mounting Set is used to fit item Multi-Socket Power Strips and Distribution Strips neatly and securely inside the integrated cable conduit of Profile X 8 120x120 K56 – XMS. Cover Profile 56 K can then be used to cover over the conduit.

This means users can securely fasten power strips and connections inside the XMS frames.

New products Line XMS can be found in our online catalogue.

New products 04/2013 ePaper

Explore the work bench systems, Line D30, MB and XMS offered by item in this animated digital catalogue.

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Line XMS-ePaper

Explore the new Line XMS offered by item in this animated digital catalogue.

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The interactive 3D PDF for the new Line XMS. Contains more than 25 animations.

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