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New products 04/2013

New products 04/2013

Systematic innovation –New Products Spring 2013.

Ergonomic work bench systems, Line D30, innovative enhancements for the MB Building Kit System, the Line XMS and the new Stairway/Platform System (TPS): TPS makes it easier than ever to reach every part of a machine and work on various levels. Bridges, maintenance platforms for elevated sections of machinery and allround working platforms can all be built using the same system - discover new ideas from item.

MB Building Kit System

New products MB Building Kit System

The latest new products in the MB Building Kit System have really picked up the pace. Take, for example, our easy-install cable conduit – simply press it onto a Line 8 groove and it stays in place, no drills or screws required. Clip 8 takes Conduit Profile K up a gear.

The same goes for the new Retaining Bracket 8 40x16, which when combined with slim Profile 8 40x16 produces shelving unit partitions that keep goods in place but can also be removed in an instant.

Line XMS

New products Line XMS

When it comes to modular series-based production, Line XMS is the solution for short development times. The new Mounting Set XMS, Multi-Socket Power/Distribution Strip uses the integrated cable conduits of Profiles XMS to secure power supplies safely inside constructions. 

The Stairway/Platform System

New products TPS

Whether one large platform, an all-round assembly platform or a simple maintenance platform, the Stairway/Platform System can be used to build working areas at any height. Because TPS is compatible with the item MB Building Kit System, users can make the most of the entire range of accessories, including enclosures and guards, doors, profiles, floor elements, etc. TPS makes stairways and platforms integral components of machine bases.

Work Bench System

New products - Work Bench System

When you work hard, equipment that makes things easier is always welcome. And with the practical new heightadjustable Arm Rest, an ingenious solution is always close to hand. The Arm Rest offers comfortable support that enables high-precision, fatigue-free work, even over long periods. Similarly, an additional Compound Slide on your item work bench Overhang enables you to keep even more tools in easy reach.

LPS - Line D30

New products Line D30

Line D30 keeps you connected. Adapter 8 80 D30 makes light work of fastening D30 struts to Line 8 profile grooves, e.g. when bracing frames. And, by linking together roller conveyors to form a single continuous track, Roller Conveyor St, Butt Fastener means your transport lines can just keep on going. Roller Conveyor St, Assembly Pliers also make it easier than ever to insert or remove the castors in a roller conveyor profile.

New products 04/2013 ePaper

Explore the work bench systems, Line D30, MB and XMS offered by item in this animated digital catalogue.

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TPS-System ePaper

Discover the new Stairway/Platform System from item in the animated digital catalogue.

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