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The ergonomic work bench system.

Experience innovation – the new item products.

The Work Bench System from item can now make your production operations even more productive. Our latest products bring tools closer to hand and enable users to position working materials where it suits them best. The new compact SystemMobile S can also be manoeuvred with exceptional ease in the tightest of spaces.

Compound Slide Overhang

Everything good comes from on high. The Compound Slide Overhang makes work easier with a smooth-running hanger that allows operators to position tools and feed lines anywhere over the table top and then park them close by when not in use.

Mini-Locker 360x240x240

Safe and sound. The Mini-Locker keeps belongings away from prying eyes, with a combination lock to protect against theft. Privately owned tools, valuables, etc. can all be stowed discretely at the work bench. This roomy locker can be installed in various positions on a work bench.

ESD Spiral Connection Cable - Ring Connector 5 mm

Dynamic working environments need to be able to dissipate electrostatic charges, too. Because it doesn’t create cumbersome loops when lengthened and shortened, this spiral cable is ideal for use on movable parts. Versatile ring connectors enable quick connections, ensuring that ESD-sensitive environments enjoy uninterrupted protection.

Monitor Arm
Keyboard Arm

For intelligent work benches. Pivot Arms ensure that monitor and keyboard are perfectly positioned when they’re being used and don’t take up valuable space when they’re not.
The Monitor Arm features a standardised holder that is compatible with virtually any monitor with VESA 75 or VESA 100 connection dimensions. The variety of pivot axes ensures that the display can always be manoeuvred into the ideal viewing angle. Precisely adjustable resistance makes it easy to move the monitor closer or further away and adjust the horizontal and vertical angle.

Tool Holder D70

Handy and ingenious – the Tool Holders made of polyurethane structural foam make it easy to organise your workspace. By ensuring tools can be removed and replaced with the greatest of ease, these holders cut assembly times and take the strain off personnel by eliminating unnecessary exertion in the arms and joints. The robust but flexible material also cuts noise levels.

Holder Support D70

Made of stainless steel wire, Holder Support D70 is designed to accommodate a single Holder. Two variants are available – the classic vertical support and a support that positions a Holder at an ergonomic angle of 30°.

Holder Console D70

The Holder Console keeps tools and small parts within easy reach. This stable system can hold three Holders D70 at the same time. The incremental angle adjustment offers 10 different settings to make sure the Holders are in sync with the current working position (sitting or standing) and the ergonomic needs of the user. Regardless of the setting, the Holders are always held securely.

Spiral Hose for Tool Balancers 2x10 mm

The compressed-air conduit – neat and tidy as standard. The Spiral Hose looks neat and stops you stepping on your hose at the work bench. When retracted, this space-saving compressed-air conduit measures just 170 mm in length, but can be easily pulled out to the ideal length.

Container Support

The Container Support is the simplest way of fitting Parts Containers to a preconfigured work bench. The Container Profile has a lip that is compatible with all standard semi-open fronted boxes with mounting lugs. The ergonomic 7° or 15° inclination of the support makes it easy to remove small parts and keep an overview of the material in the containers.

Double Pivot Arm 8 80 695 heavy-duty

When a long reach and high carrying capacity are called for, Double Pivot Arm 8 80 695 heavy-duty is the solution. Its reinforced joints can accommodate vertical loads of up to 250 N. They can be folded into virtually any position and then locked in place. As a result, tools and materials can always be kept in easy reach.

Pivot Arm 8 80 370 heavy-duty

What might be a tough challenge for others is no problem for this solution – Pivot Arm 8 80 370 heavy-duty can be used to safely reposition loads of up to 400 N over the table top of a work bench. The strongest Pivot Arm available from item can be positioned and moved with exceptional precision. Its adjustable frictional moment is consistent regardless of the direction of rotation. The grooves of the profile offer a whole range of fastening options for attachments and cable holders.

Pivot Arm Height Adjusters 8

Welcome to the third dimension. These Height Adjusters make the Pivot Arms from item even more versatile. Working height can be adjusted with ease, which is extremely useful when changing working positions or processing workpieces and products of various sizes. The work bench can also be adapted to suit the size and reach of different personnel.

Roller Insert 4xD11

These rollers are tough. Roller Insert 4xD11 makes light work of moving even heavy loads. Each module comprises four solid rollers that distribute load more efficiently than a single castor. Their size means they can be used alongside all the other inserts designed for Castor Rail 8 40x40.

SystemMobiles S

SystemMobiles S are exceptionally compact. These manoeuvrable picking and provisioning trolleys get tools and small quantities of materials to where they are needed – fast. The single central column is also available in a height-adjustable version. The all-round edging on the tray makes sure everything stays put so that both standard storage boxes and individual items can be moved around as necessary.

Detailed information on our new products can be found in our online catalogue.

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