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New products - MB Building Kit system

New products: MB Building Kit System

The MB Building Kit System is taking it up a gear. Automatic Angle Bracket Sets and Automatic Flat Bracket Sets offer the fastest ever means of connecting two profiles. Insert, tighten, and that’s it! The fasteners are fully preassembled. All the screws automatically slot into the correct position in a Line 8 groove and simply need to be tightened, as there is no need for separate T-Slot Nuts or threads. The entire system requires no profile machining and can be reused and repositioned at any time. It doesn’t get any faster, or any more convenient.

Automatic flat and angle bracket sets

The fastest profile connection ever – automatic angle brackets and automatic flat brackets from item. These innovative fasteners are fully preassembled and ready for use. Simply fit them in place and the screws slot into the correct position. Tighten the screws and that’s it, the profiles are held in place without the need for additional T-Slot Nuts. Automatic Flat Bracket Sets and Automatic Angle Bracket Sets virtually install themselves. No threads need to be tapped and profiles don’t need to be machined.

Flat and angle brackets 10 50

The simple and stable attachment fasteners are now also available for Line 10. Sturdy steel angle brackets and flat brackets with countersinks can be screwed to the grooves or core bores of Line 10 profiles. M10 screws ensure a firm hold for panel elements and shelves on a profile construction. The compatible fastening set is designed for creating a screw attachment with a profile groove.

Protective Profiles 8 40x20 E

Maximum safety for minimum effort. The Protective Profiles made from impact-absorbing PE foam can be fitted in next to no time and give profile edges and sides robust protection against impacts. They are also ideal for use as transport packing.

Friction Joints 8

Looking for that little something extra? Friction Joints 8 80 are the answer, as they can be assembled and configured to build strong, custom-made swivelling structures. The joints can be used to span double the support width or carry double the load of Friction Joint 40. The dual screw connection provides additional strength. The brake in the Friction Joint allows precise adjustment, ensuring pivot arms can be easily positioned without being difficult to move.

Table Column Sets 2 E and 4 E

The item Table Column Sets are the basis for customised, electrically heightadjustable work benches. The stable lifting columns support a range of working positions with a maximum travel distance of 420 mm. The ability to swap easily between sitting and standing work takes a great deal of strain off the back. Three different working heights can be saved to introduce ergonomics into everyday working life – whether different operators are using the same bench during different shifts, or users want to quickly change between typical working positions. The columns feature a lifting force of 2,000 N (Table Column Set 2 E) or 4,000 N (Table Column Set 4 E). They also exhibit a satisfying travelling speed of 25 mm/s across the entire load range. Fitted as standard for increased safety, a lock can be activated to prevent unintentional movement.

All the new products in the MB Building Kit System can be found in our online catalogue.

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